Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm so pissed off. I don't even want to blog about it. I gained 0.8 pounds this week (.4 kilos). Yeah, it's nothing but for *!^&@#% sakes. I worked my ass off this week and did excellent with my food. WTF? I was really honestly 100% expecting my weight to be back below my pre-vacation weight. I actually yelled out loud at the scale this morning "WHAT"?!?!?!. What a bunch of crap.

(of course I'm just going to keep going and all the bullshit I'm just super pissed right now)

Just a little update. Wednesday Auntie Flo knocked on the door which would explain the small gain on Tuesday. Blech. I still don't like it but I should have seen her coming.


Sarah said...

It will happen. just a minor minor setback. This week you'll work even harder as a revenge!!!!!!!!!!

-Sarah (from Miami)

Zanitta said...

If you've been upping your workouts your body might need a little while to adjust, but once it does it will drop the weight, so grit your teeth and bear it for now and you'll probably see a big sudden loss when it finally catches up.

***CCC*** said...

Aww hell, I know the feeling. I could give you pithy advice or encouragement or say it could be muscle, whatev...

But I know sometimes, what we all really need is to just get mad and let it out.

Do you want me to kick your scale for you? I'm really good at it :)

Mymsie said...

I *hate* when that happens, especially when you struggle through a week. Nasty Aunt Flow!

A said...

Don't give up! There could be several reasons for you gaining that weight.
First of all - from what you've written it sounds like you up'ed your weight training. I am sure you've heard this a million times but muscle weighs more than fat. I am pretty sure that you will have a loss next week.
Another reason could be that you don't eat enough. Maybe you are not reaching your calorie goals and your body is trying to hang on to whatever it gets. It's really important to eat enough! Healthy food obviously but enough!
It could of course also be that you eat too much. If you kept up the same eating plan the whole time you have been losing weight it might be time for a change. For every pound you lose you need less calories. I would guess you now need about 1200-1500 calories. As I said it's important to stay in your range. The easiest way to find out about it is to join a free online community. I use Sparkpeople for stuff like that. As I said, they are free and they help a lot. If you enter your weight, height and activity level it will tell you how many calories you need to consume. It also creates fitness plans and food plans for you if thats something you want. If you want, check it out www.sparkpeople.com

What is most likely is that you need a new workout plan. I would add one more session of cardio. I know you work out a lot but cardio is really important. Try and add something fun, like cycling for an hour or running with your dog for an hour. I would really suggest you find something to do outside. I know how it is - you might think it's not as effective as working out at the gym, I used to think the same until I swapped my gym cardio for cycling outside for an hour or two 3-5 times a week. On top I do two to three times weight training a week. I talked to a trainer about this and she agreed that it's actually better to work out outside, as long as you make sure that it really keeps your heart rate up. The advantage of working out outside is that it's never the same. Sometimes you have the wind against you, which works out your muscles more, on a calm day you can go faster and thus do a better workout.
Also making it something fun, like a bike tour or playing with your dog in the park or swimming in the sea, it won't seem like a chore.
Since I switched from the treadmill and stationary bike to simply cycling to work (which is an hour away) or part of the way to work (30 minutes each way), the weight has really been coming off.
Maybe try and save one hour each week for a fun work out. I just did a 'Step' tour through the city. That actually took two hours and it was a really good workout even though it didn't look like it first. Find something fun, sporty for this hour. You can even do something else every time. This should be independent of your normal workout time.

Or you could simply try to do your cardio on different machines, start working out different muscles.

Whatever you do, you will probably have to make some changes to get over that plateau but I can promise you that it WILL work!

Anonymous said...

When I am at a plateau or gaining I check my inches- I see that I lost only 4 lbs. past 3 months but 2 1/2 inches off my waist- you are probably just replacing fat with muscle, hang in there!