Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Random Ramblings

Not much new to report and nothing going on that would be interesting enough to write an entire blog about so I thought I'd just write some more little snippets of what goes on in my daily and weekly weight loss life and little thoughts that run through my mind.

- I'd been slacking off on my Wednesday workouts probably for about the last 4 weeks. I've just been too tired and unmotivated by time Wednesday evening rolls around that I just skip it. Usually I don't have the time to make it up later in the week either. But this week I didn't have class on Tuesday so I had that evening off which made me pumped and ready to go on Wednesday night.

- I find that when my partner in crime at work is watching what she eats, I find it easier to watch what I eat and say no to afternoon chocolates. (Thanks Alexandra!)

-Concerning the post I made a week or two back about the "serene" feeling I was having about my weight loss, it is still with me. It's the longest I think I've ever felt sure, confident and in control without having a huge binge fest causing me to feel guilty or a mental freak out. It's nice.

- My feet have been going numb like crazy on the elliptical machine lately. (I believe I need new shoes) It's so bad that I can only do it for 15 to 20 minute increments. That doesn't make me stop though and actually it's caused me to workout longer on some nights. I just switch to the treadmill, get the feeling back in my feet and walk fast at a steep incline. I actually like this better than doing one machine for my entire cardio workout.

- I get a kick out of lifting heavy weights. It makes me feel empowered and is a great stress reliever.

- I have only recently understood that people who watch themselves in the mirrors constantly while lifting aren't necessarily narcissistic. It's really kind of neat to watch your muscles at work and when you can really see a difference from when you started it becomes a bit addictive. Does it mean I am totally enthralled with myself or conceited? Maybe, but did you see my arms? Bad ass.

- I'm dying to go to another spin class. I've only been to one and it kicked my ass. I'm ready to try it again.

- Changing the music on my Ipod made a HUGE difference in my workout. I didn't realize how bored I was with the songs I had put on there originally.

- Since I've started this whole experience I have noticed one unpleasantry that I can't seem to get rid of. Excess gas. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about flatulence. At first I assumed it was the increase in fiber and would taper off. One year later it's still going strong. I've recently asked if I was the only crazy one tooting uncontrollably on one of my message boards and found a slew of people who were having the same gassy experience! They were all too ebarrassed to ask so leave it to me! Glad to know I'm not alone though. I've been advised that papaya extract can be helpful. I'm going to try it out next time I'm near the vitamin section. I know you all will be on the edge of your seats waiting to know how my gas is going, so I'll keep you posted.

- Having my 75 pound shoe goal has really motivated me more than I thought it would. I'm very excited about popping into the sketchers store and ordering up one of everything size 10 please!

- Marco and I have been talking about our *hopefully* future kids and what we will and won't want for them. We seem to be on the same page with food and eating habits and this is a great relief to me. I do worry quite a bit about not passing on my food obsessions and unealthy relationship with food down the line. I also don't want to be one of those over protective mother's who want to keep their kids in a bubble. I think there is a fine line. I'm hope I'm able to walk it.

- I've been fighting off an on-again-off-again craving for root beer floats. I have no idea what made me crave them but I'm fairly certain the craving is going to win one of these days. I just have to buy the root beer (which is hard to find in the Netherlands) and ice cream and have at it.

So there ya have it, my random ramblings!


kimberly said...

I've been doing some research lately on weight issues and children (not nec. childhood obesity) and a lot of scholarly psych journals are saying something along the lines of: don't force young kids to eat, offer a range of everything, the more you make something SPECIAL or NOT ALLOWED or FORBIDDEN the more they want it, so don't say NO chips, etc. Basically act like normal people around food.

I know for me, my mom never had anything unhealthy in the house, so ice cream was always a HUGE deal to me at friends houses and I would pig out. Of course my sister is crazy thin, so who knows how things work out.

Anyway, do you want me to send you links to some articles about that someitme?

Anonymous said...

Kimberly I'd love to read some articles. Maybe some of my readers who are mothers can include their .02 here. Anybody...anybody?

Cherry Dolphin said...

I envy you for doing spin. I tried it once a few years ago, I couldn't even make it 5 minutes. I thought I was going to die! Maybe when I lose some more weight, I'll try again. And, a rootbear float sounds like the nectar of the Gods right now :)

Btw, LoL, thanks for the papaya extract tip, I've never heard of it.