Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I lost 1.3 pounds this week bringing my grand total once AGAIN to 62.04 pounds lost. I’m happy that it’s a loss but I’m STILL not where I was before I left for vacation back in April. I’m tired of writing the same stinking numbers in my blog every week. I’m really to say “I’m 67 pounds in the negative” which would be a first for me. I’ve proclaimed “I’m 66 pounds down” before but never anything higher. Even better than that I’d like to write “I’ve hit the big 7-0” or “I’ve earned my 75 pound shoes!” (not shoes that weigh 75 pounds, that would be incredibly ridiculous, but shoes are my reward for my 75 pound mark). This yo-yo weight is really driving me batty. It no fault of anybody but me, I know this.

I’m still feeling pretty good about my food intake. There was a mix up at the gym and I didn’t get my new routine like I thought I was going to but that will be coming up in the next couple of weeks. I just gotta keep plugging along, a pound at a time.


serenity said...

Hang in there. There's always a plateauing when you're trying to lose weight - it sounds like you're there right now. Where your body is just used to what you're doing.

Maybe this is a good time to shake things up a bit? Do a different exercise, increase your time at the gym by 15 mins a day, go an extra day?

Just a thought. You CAN do this - don't let the plateau get you down. Or start going back to bad habits. I've done it too many times to count.


Amy said...

I know the feeling. I have been going up and down with the same sticking 4 pounds for months. Then I always look back and think of where I could be right now, if only I had done this or that.

Changing my relationship with food is an ongoing battle...a battle I hope to someday win!

We can never give up until we get there though! So keep going, even through the rough parts!

~T (that's me) said...

I bumped into your blog via a comment you made somewhere else. Thanks for the great read, and the inspiration make more changes in my lifestyle. I love shoes and will be so excited to see you sporting your 75lb pair soon!