Wednesday, May 07, 2008

very quick update

I’m on a short break at lunch but wanted to give you all an update. I gained 4 pounds (2 kilos) since my last weigh in. In the past 4 days my belly has changed shape enormously and now people at work are finally saying “WOW, you’re really looking pregnant”, which although it translates to “wow, you’re enormous” I still don’t mind *wink wink*. I went to my midwife’s appointment today and I am measuring a little ahead, 1 – 2 weeks, still but nothing she is concerned about. I now go for appointments every 3 weeks since the end is getting nearer. I got my diabetes test results back and I do not have gestational diabetes so YAY for that! Sadie is turned head down already so that’s good as well. I thought it was a little early for that but apparently not! It’s normal for baby to be upside down for the rest of the pregnancy. Just the fact that she’s in “birthing position” makes me a little anxious and excited! WOW! It’s really happening!

We have our 3d ultra sound on Tuesday of next week and we can’t wait! Sorry so short but I’ll try to write something worth reading a little later. Hope you’re all having wonderful, healthy weeks!


Teale said...

Glad things are going well!!!

All About Amelia said...

you are in the home strech - yeah! make sure your hubby knows how to update this blog! we will all be waiting for pics of sadie!