Saturday, May 03, 2008

Minor freak out yesterday

Marco and I were baby stuff browsing the other day and came up with the idea to make a list of things we still need before Sadie's big arrival. When I saw on my little ticker that I only had 80 days left until she shows her face I thought, no time like the present!

I went to the store we always shop in, pen in hand, smile on face. About 20 minutes into the little "project" the smile was gone and panic had sent in. The list is ENORMOUS! And then I realized... I'm in the 3rd trimester! How in the world did that happen?!??!?! All this time the weeks have been creeping by and creeping by and now all of the sudden I'm in the final stretch of this crazy pregnancy ride. When did that happen?!?!

Back to the freak out...although there are a lot of small items and everyday items (burp cloths, pacifier, diapers, wipes, crib sheets, thermometer, swaddlers, etc.) on the list, they're still there and still need to be purchased. The list is a page long! A full page!

I'm such a 'planner' but I feel like I've totally dropped the ball here. I won't be having a baby shower so it isn't like we'll be getting a lot of these things and I believe most of friends and family who will come visit after she's born will bring clothes as that's just what is fun to buy! (and we'll be thrilled with them, don't get me wrong!) We don't have one single diaper in the house! Not a one!

In all reality I do realize what Sadie will need immediately after being born is me (and my ample breasts), Marco, some diapers and a lot of love but holy crap (!) I am just freaking out at all the stuff we "want" to have before she arrives and don't have yet. I've now split my list into "before Sadie arrives" and "after Sadie arrives" to try and get a ballpark figure of what we're going to need to spend on the little one in the next 79 days. WOW! This really snuck up on me.

After frantically calling Marco to let him know what horribly unprepared parents we are I darted off to the "cheap" store because I just felt I had to check something off the list! I got a 62 pack of diapers, one Dr. Browns bottle (as I plan on breastfeeding so won't need many bottles at first I hope) and a nasal aspirator (or snot sucker, whichever you prefer). Three things down only 50 something to go! Not only that, I felt like a total poser buying diapers like some baby police were going to come up to me and say "Ma'am we're going to have to ask you to please put down the diapers, we know you don't have a baby yet." It just felt so unreal still like I was a kid playing pretend.

That night at the grocery store we saw a sale on baby wipes and bought 6 packs (actually 2 packs of 3). LOL She may not have much but she'll have a clean butt!

I'm a little less panicked now that I have my list and know we can get everything in time but holy crap I was a mess yesterday.

Tomorrow I'm going to Alexandra's house for some fun and she has the sketch for the mural ready! She'll be starting it in the next few weeks and I can't wait to see what she's come up with!

Hope you all are having wonderful, healthy weekends!


jj said...

I can imagine the panic, but it must be awfully exciting, too. Hope all is going well!

Anonymous said...

No weigh-in again?