Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We had Sadie's 3d Ultrasound! today!

Well we had Sadie's much awaited 3d ultrasound today. I'll have to admit, I was slightly disappointed. She would NOT move her hand(s) from in front of her face so we didn't get one single picture of her whole face, only half shots of her left side. Now I'm assuming her right side matches her left side but still, I wanted to see the whole little sweet face! And believe me, we tried everything. The guy was shaking her, I was shaking her, when we were nearing the end and she stubbornly still hadn't moved her hands, he had me actually get up off the table and jump up and down for about 2 minutes to try and get her to move. What a little brat! It's funny though, every ultrasound we've had she's had at least one little hand up by her face. I guess it's just how she's comfy.

She is measuing right on target with one little exception...she has super model long legs, measuring 3 full weeks ahead of schedule! The guy told us "don't buy too many 0-3 month clothes for her, she's not going to fit." He was really surprised at the length of her legs and said he's not seen a little girl with legs that long in a long while. He said measuring 1 week ahead is more normal but 3 weeks was exceptional!

He was also able to get rid of any doubt that she is not a Sadie, but rather a Ty. She was too shy to show her face but had no problem flashing her privates for the camera. We saw both the inner and outer labia and her little va-jay-jay. She's all girl!

We saw her strong little heart beating away, counted all of her fingers and toes, saw her kidneys, gall bladder, spine... all of her perfect little parts. She, surprisingly had hair. Long hair. 8 mm long to be exact (most babies at this stage only have 3 mm). I asked if it is the hair that will fall out and he said, nope this is the real stuff, she has so much he couldn't count them (which I guess is something he usually can do). She's healthy as can be, just camera shy for her little face. If it gives you any idea... we have 32 picture on the CD rom and I'm only going to post 3 in her album, they just weren't that great, which was disappointing.

I guess I should be happy though. I only have 10 weeks left. Yes, 10 weeks! I have an extremely healthy litle girl in my belly and we're just about as ready as we can be to welcome her to our home, Lord knows she already stole our hearts!

Here is the picture of her little girl parts. The "L's" are each labia. I'm sure she'll LOVE that I posted this on the internet when she's 18! (the "bottom" is each of her little butt cheeks!)

And here is another face shot with her hand on her cheek. Notice she looks a little pissed here. It's after all of the shaking we did to get her to move her hands. The "pillow" she's laying her little head on is actually my placenta!


amy said...

What a fun post and congrats.Sounds she really has made herself comfortable

Erin said...

Yay for Sadie being healthy (and having so much hair already!). So glad that you were able to determine that she is indeed a girl...our little girl was NOT cooperative about showing the goods;) Made pre-baby shopping for pink kind of tough!

And perhaps the hand by the face is a pose to go with the super model long legs:)

AGirlWorthLosing said...

I am so happy for you Sarah, I can't wait to see Sadie outside of the womb. Stay happy and healthy for the next 10 weeks. Best wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

OMG those pictures are so very cute! She looks lovely :))

GeorgieGirl said...

Simply precious! Now you can feel safe shopping for adorable girly things...

Chris lang said...

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