Thursday, January 27, 2011

Before and After... and before again

Back in '06 - 07' before I was blessed with my gorgeous daughter, I had dropped 70 pounds and for those of you who have followed me since be beginning will recognize this "before" picture. That's me, Dec 2006.

This is me in May 2010 in the Canary Islands so "after" my glorious birth (yeah, almost 2 years after) and slipping back into my old habits. Here I am about 5 pounds lighter than I am today, so it's a pretty fair picture to use.

So, today, I am printing out my "before" picture to hang on my white board next to my goals. I bet you're not going to find many bloggers who want to be the before picture again! I think the visual of what I have accomplished in the past and what I still can accomplish now will be a positive reinforcement of the changes I am making.

1 comment:

Peter said...

Sarah, it's part of the process, but that "before photo" is a stimilator to stay on the road you've entered.