Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holy Moses That Hurts!

So part of the plan is to exercise four times a week, every week. I've got a Nintendo wii with three fitness related games, Just Dance 2, Wii Fit and a Wii Fitness Coach. I also have a Zumba DVD set that I got off the local teleshopping network here, so I have a plethora of things to get my heart rate up. When you're 290 pounds, it really doesn't take all that much.

For the last 2 or 3 weeks I've been sticking to the Just Dance game. It's a lot of fun. I sweat. I enjoy it and I'm so competitive that I have to have the high score in every single song. But, the downside to that game is you can get lazy and still score points just by moving your arms. (don't get me wrong, it's a great arm workout!)

After this weeks weigh-in and only dropping a little over 2 pounds (yeah, I know, poor use of the word "only") I thought I should really step up my workouts and see how it goes in the next two weeks, if I could really made a bigger "dent" in my goal. You know, really challenge myself with my workouts.

So tonight, just 30 minutes ago, I did my wii Fitness Coach game (yeah, right, game). I set myself a 30 minute workout (20 is the lowest time choice you have) and pushed "start".

Six minutes into the thing I was already certain I was going to die. Visions of Marco coming home from work to find me on the floor, wii remote in hand, fitness coach (aka devil woman) still chirping "come on I want you to really push yourself" playing in the background ran through my head. I hurt. A lot.

Low and behold, I didn't die and the 13 minute mark popped up. Almost halfway there and my heart was still beating. I knew that because I could literally see it in front of me, beating out of my chest, cartoon character style. thump thump thump thump.

I had made it halfway though and I'd be damned if I wasn't going to make it all the way through! The workout ended with some stretches on the floor. I wanted to kiss the Coach when she sat down. Whew. Embrace the cool down, no problemo!

When she finally told me "time's up, well done, you're awesome" and all those other cheesy things that video games tell you I crawled over to where my phone was and sent Marco a simple text message. It read "that hurt".

I did it though. I made it through all 30 tortureous minutes of the routine. It seriously kicked my ample rear all over the place but I did it. I'm really pretty proud of myself and I know that that next time it'll be easier. I'll let you know on Friday how true that really is!

Hope you are all having healthy, successful weeks!


Peter said...

You did it girl!!!
I would have dropped out halfway, taking a breather before going [on a slower pace] the last 15 minutes.

The Big Girl said...

Congrats! Sounds like an awesome workout! Have you tried yoga? Just thought I was throw that in since you seem to like the variety, I have been doing it off and on (On was during the good times obviously) for years and it is great for toning and is helpful to keep me from getting injured with the more intense things like walking and dancing. Anyway - glad you made it through another work out! I am encouraged to hit the treadmill again tomorrow!

I saw your comments on my blog and I wanted to let you know, I answered them there. I think you had some really good points so I wanted to follow up there so others could see the thread. I am daily learning and I appreciate soooo much others who have been there helping me find solid ground!

We press on!