Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm at a loss... but not for words!

I'm at a loss, of 1.3 kilos this week or 2.86 lbs! Man, that was just beautiful and reaffirming to see on the scale this morning. I have not been "perfect" with my eating, and that's a good thing because I'm not striving for perfection, just to be better, but I have been really kicking some tail with my workout regime and seeing the scale haul ass as much as I have been really feels fantastic.

I've been working out with my personal trainer, aka my Wii Fitness Coach, for 30 minutes every other day for the past week and a half or so and those workouts have been killer. It's nice to have the affirmation from the scale (even though I know it isn't my focus) that I am doing something right!

That makes a 6.6 kilo or 14.5 lb total loss so far. Feels good not only to have the loss but to feel like I'm making so many small, positive changes in my life in order to get healthy.

Now that is the way you want to start off your Monday! I hope you are all having healthy, successful weeks!


Googie said...

I know what you mean!! I am not striving for perfection. That's when you end up pigging out. Great job on your weightloss and keep up your training!!

Teale said...

Super job! So proud of you! Keep up your amazing work--and I'm jealous of your Wii fit! We have an xbox & we're considering getting the Kinect & some dance games for it! Probably only a matter of time til they have their version of the Wii Fit.

Amanda said...

Great job! Reading about your success inspires me! I am getting back into the swing of things and going to the gym tonight.

Looking for suggestions on music to listen to when I work out. My resolution for 2011 is to find more high energy music than the normal Top 40 stuff. While searching for music I found this video, its pretty funny and the song gets me moving. Wait until the end for a url to get the song for free:

Music suggestions welcome. Any songs you can’t go to the gym without?

Beginning Anew said...

This is great news! I am so glad to see you making progress it gives me inspiration for my own journey. Your ability to push the exercise button really challenges me as this is my stronghold. Thanks!!!