Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Monday, hello weigh-in

So I made a deal with Dewy that I wouldn't weigh myself at all for like a 6 week time span as an experiment. I could still weigh in at my appointments with her, but I had to weigh in blind, meaning only she saw it (she doesn't actually blind me, which could cause some sort of law suit I'm sure). This started about a month ago and I just had Marco update my stats on the right side bar there and didn't peek.

The point of the exercise was to see how well I could do without the influence of the numbers. It worked fantastic the first couple of weeks because I was on track, feeling great, meeting all of my little mini goals almost every day and no matter what that scale may have said, I felt in my body that I was doing well. This positive momentum was an amazing boost every day!

Well, I think this is 6 weeks into it and I caved. I totally 100% caved. I couldn't stand it. First I couldn't stand it because I felt fabulous, was getting compliments left and right about losing weight and looked like the star of my own hip-hop video with my baggy pants fallin down, showing some crack. I was so curious as to what the numbers said. Then my mood changed, life changed, like it always does, I had a stressful, jam pack week at work and I freaked because I just knew I was back at 301 lbs. I just knew that I had somehow transported myself all the way back up to 301 lbs and I was going to have to start all over.

So I peeked. And I was wrong. Very wrong. I did not gain every ounce back in a weeks time period, which of course, all of you already knew because you're logical people. I have actually, surprisingly, hit the 20 pound mark. In the negative. I've lost 20 POUNDS!!!! Funnily enough I have lost 20.02 (as in weighing in with my .02) pounds if you want to get all technical about it.


So now I'm not sure which direction to turn. Do I go back to weighing blind? Do I continue on with my weekly weigh ins? I do like to be able to update you guys every week with "what the scale said" because let's face it, it's a weight loss blog, not a "let's see how Sarah's day went" blog but I don't know if anybody really noticed that I wasn't posting numbers (except on the side bar) as long as I was posting other weight loss related posts. The blind weigh-ins really did make me less number obsessed, especially when you know that scale can have an atttude and hold a grudge even when you've been a stellar performer!

I'll discuss it Wednesday with Dewy and see what she suggests. If any of you have any opinions as to reading a weekly result or if you're just happy to check it there on the right, feel free to comment and chime in with you .02.

I hope you're all having healthy, successful weeks!


LeFebvre Momma said...

I try hard not to weigh in if I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. The minute I slip I start weighing in everyday again! It works for me~you will have to decide what is best for you.

great job on the weightloss! You are doing great!

Jacqui said...

Congrats Sarah! Weekly weigh ins have been essential for me in my weight loss journey. It keeps me motivated when I see progress and it makes me push harder when I do not. I need the weekly feedback. Don't ever weigh daily though...that will just stress you out. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! Excellent work!
My .02 cents is to not know the numbers.

My trainer weighs me about every 2 weeks and only gives me a thumbs up or thumbs down....I don't get to know the numbers....because like you the numbers dictate my emotions instead of my behavior dictating how I feel about myself.

WIth that said...he also will tel me when I hit certain miles when I finally get back under 300 or every 20 lbs...something like I get some feedback...without knowing the exact numbers.

It works...and believe it or not, people keep reading...not because of the numbers, but because we keep keep going girl!