Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've been feeling kind of awesome lately so I thought I'd try on some of my "old" jackets I have hanging in my closet that haven't fit in for ages. Literally it's been YEARS since I've been able to wear them but they're so cute (and were expensive!) that I cannot give them away or get rid of them, always having it in the back of my mind that "someday they will fit again". They're size 18/20 and I've been wearing 24/26. Well, "someday they will fit again" is today. I put on those two jackets this morning and they not only fit, they look AWESOME. I cannot believe it. I seriously had no idea I was at that point yet. I'm still wearing all of my 24/26 clothes and I knew they were baggy and not looking so hot but I had no idea that I would fit into those sizes already. I expected a "pull" in the arms, or a squeeze here or there, but they fit. Well.

I will admit though, my top half seems to be losing more than my bottom. I cannot fit into my 20's in jeans and I no longer own a size 22, so I'm still wearing my 24's, which look awful. Really awful. I'm going to have to rectify that situation soon!

I'll take some pictures over the weekend with me in the jackets so you guys can see! Yipee!!!

I hope you are all having healthy, successful weeks!

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Rachel said...

AWESOME GIRL!! So proud of you! Wanna share some of the wealth of knowledge you have on this weightloss? I need to loose about 30-50 lbs myself! Shoot me an email or something and tell me your daily routine...if you don't mind?! Love ya! Rachel (ILLINOIS)