Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Another day, another swim...

Finally managed to get back into the pool today. Granted it has only been three days but it felt like a lifetime!

Today's swim was... different. About halfway to the pool I realized that I had managed to forget pretty much everything in my bag, except for my towel, so I had no goggles, no cap, no snorkel. I went ahead on anyway and decided I'd just do my best.

Once in the pool made another executive decision that today I wouldn't count laps, since I would indeed be slower with my head above water the entire time, so I just concentrated on other things like making sure I could feel my muscles working with every stroke and really kicking my feet hard and strong. I alternated my laps, one breast stroke and then backstroke on the way back in order to keep my shoulders and neck from hurting.

It actually went really well I felt. I think I probably did as many laps as usual but I used totally different sets of muscles with the backstroke, which felt great. I think I may start alternating strokes more frequently just to make sure I'm working all of my muscles with each swim. I plan on going three more times this week so I'll have plenty of opportunities to try the method out!

Oh and of course, my Monday weigh in... wasn't stupendous but it was okay. I dropped another 1/2 pound, weighing in at 118.7 kilos or 261.1 lbs. My eating this weekend was fairly sodium laden, at least more than what I usually eat but it wasn't 100% awful either. For the first time in 20 days I had gone over my calorie suggestion (by My Fitness Pal) and I actually repeated that three days straight. Not my post proud MFP moment but I was honest and I didn't let it make me feel anything, no guilt, no shame, no punishing myself the next day. In fact, I hardly thought about it at all. No obsessing. Nuttin. It was kind of nice. I struggle on the weekends when I don't have my routine of "wake up, eat, go to work, eat snack at specific time, go to lunch at specific time etc." I am trying to work some structure to those days but right now it's still pretty hit and miss.

And that's all she wrote for today! I hope you're having healthy, successful weeks!

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