Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Is it ever okay to kick a silver bullet?

There is one silver bullet in the pool that's got radar on me, I swear. No matter which lane I'm in she seems to always manage to want to swim in the very same lane. Now I realize it isn't MY pool and it's not really MY lane but even with being new to the swim scene I know common courtesy.  You don't just focus on yourself, you have to watch out and give way to other, faster swimmers. You don't splash. You don't zigzag across lanes. You don't pee in the pool. These are things everybody knows yet some people don't feel they need to follow. This silver bullet doesn't move. Not for anyone. Not for anything. She starts out on her line and doesn't fudge one single inch.

Imagine my dismay this morning when I got to the pool and only two lanes were dedicated to open lap swimming. One for the quick swimmers, one for the "breast strokers". Oh and you know Miss Granny Pants (aka Radar) doesn't miss a day! Everybody fell in line according the the unspoken rules. We all went up on the right and back down the pool on the left. Even Radar managed to join in. How it came about that she thought she had to swim around me and ended up kicking me I'll never know but she did. There I was, swimming away, minding my own business and WHACK! I was already saying "mag niet uit" (roughly "make nothing of it" in Dutch) because it didn't hurt or anything but then I saw who it was. Her! Radar! My swimming nemesis. She did managed to sputter "sorry hoor" as she swam away but there wasn't any real feeling in it. She wasn't really sorry!

Later Radar tried making a joke with me about something else in the pool and I'd love to say I had some witty retort all ready for her but no... instead I didn't get the joke until about 15 seconds too late and by that time she had swum on. Doh! Foiled again! It's not that I'm not quick witted... in ENGLISH... but throw a joke at me in Dutch and it takes me a bit. I'll get there... but not nearly as snappy as I do in my native language.

I vow to you though... I'm going to get that silver bullet. You mark my word. That 90 year old is going DOWN!

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safire said...

I would be absolutely livid if someone kicked me while I was swimming. I really need to control my temper. You definitely handled it better than me.

Swimming is such an awesome full body workout! Good for you :) Have a wonderful Wednesday!