Sunday, October 08, 2006

Present Day Montey Hall

If you have ever read my blog then you know the story...I made a deal with Marco, my husband, that when I lost 15 kilos (about 32 pounds) he would buy me a treadmill. Well as I posted I finally earned my treadmill. It took a little over 3 months, but I did it.

So by now I should be walking nowhere just as fast as I can in the comfort of my living room right? Well.... not quite.

Seems as though Marco (aka Montey Hall) decided to strike up another deal with me within our original deal. He was kind enough not to make me wear a chicken suit. (if you have never seen the old Let's Make a Deal Gameshows, then you have no idea what I'm talking about but I highly recommend trying to catch an episode or two on the gameshow network.)

So his proposal was that instead of getting a treadmill, which would be costly, bulky (we live in a cracker box) and only useful to me, that instead we would both join the gym together.

Hmmm... I lose 32 pounds and HE gets a gym membership?

My initial reaction was to say no way! I earned a treadmill, I have talked about a treadmill this whole time, it has been my 'prize' and I wanted my stinkin treadmill! But then I started thinking about the pros and cons of joining a gym rather than having a piece of equiptment in my home and my feelings on the membership changed.

If I join the gym then I get to spend more time with Marco, which is awesome. I also get to watch him sweat and suffer right along with me, which in itself makes the whole membership worth it. We can motivate each other while working out and even if we do use different pieces of equipment and aren't RIGHT next to one another, just knowing he is there with me means a lot.

If I joined the gym then I would have access to all sorts of equiptment and I could change up my routines regularly. If I got sick of walking in one place I could switch to biking nowhere. I could hop on the crosstrainer and go nowhere fast. I could row nowhere on the rowing machine and not have to worry about getting motion sickness! I would also have access to weight machines, a sauna, free weights and unlimited amount of exercise classes. This whole gym thing was really looking up.

So I took the deal. I decided to go with what was behind curtain number three and leave the treadmill up on stage. I didn't reach into "Montey's" polyester pants pocket to see the secret "prize" no matter how much he encouraged me.

But I didn't take the deal without making a little deal of my own. We could join the gym together BUT it had to be with a guarantee of at least a six month membership AND we had to go at least 3 times a week.

So you are now looking at member number 4055 at Club Sportive.

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