Saturday, March 10, 2007

Body Pump Part II

I took another body pump class this weekend. It went so much better than the first one but was still totally exhausting. It really drains every ounce of energy out of my body, which I guess is a good thing. It means I worked hard.

I think it went better this time because I knew what to expect. I wasn't so freaked out when we continued to squat, squat, squat, squat, squat, squat and squat until my legs were feeling like wet spaghetti. I knew it would be over soon so I didn't get that panicked feeling that I wasn't going to make it

This time the instructor, Paul, changed things up a bit which was nice since I was unable to do some of the exercises last time, like the dips for your triceps. I'm just not dip-able quite yet. He managed to find other ways to torture our triceps and abs that I was able to keep up with.

A problem I had though was with another participant of the class. Firstly, she came in late, which pisses me off. I hate lateness. It's irritating as hell.

Secondly she parked her late ass right in front of me, which blocked my view of Paul. Now Paul's cute and all (in that I'm-a-gay-club-boy-let's-be-best-friends-and-go-shoe-shopping sort of way) but that's not why I was peeved at this girl. I really need to be able to see him for a few reasons. One being that I don't have all the moves down as it's only my second time in the class so I need to mimic him. I don't like to watch other classmates as sometimes they don't have the best form and then I end up doing the exercise totally wrong. Not only that, the class is given in Dutch, naturally, but sometimes I won't know a word or can't hear over the music so I really need to be able to see the instructor.

Her blocking my view also meant that I couldn't see myself in the mirror to see my form which is irritating. In the step class last week that would have been PERFECT but not this one. I had people on either side of me so just moving wasn't an option. What a butthole.

I did manage to skootch over enough to make it totally obvious that I was irritated at the fact that she was standing right in front of me. It made it so that when she looked in the mirror at herself she immediately saw me directly behind her. I'm not small, she couldn't miss me. That had to be annoying to her, which was really my goal so I was satisfied.

Overall the class went well. I had gone in early and did 30 minutes of cardio on the cross trainer before which ended up working out great since this class mainly focuses on strength training.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to tackle another spin class. That is only if I can walk of course. After my last body pump class I vaguely remember being in immense pain with every single movement and going to the toilet being a challenge.

Funny how you can forget the pain isn't it? Not only do you forget the pain but you chose to do it all over again knowing that the pain will come. Bring it on I say!

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