Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I was very surprised this week when I stepped on the scale to find out that I didn’t gain. I “lost” if you count 0.4 pounds as a loss, which I guess I do, albeit nothing to write home about.

I was surprised because I’ve eaten significantly more than usual this week. It wasn’t all bad food (a little bit was, I had an ice cream craving), it was just more than I have been eating in the past. This is the week of the dreaded period which usually means my stomach is a bottomless pit unable to be filled by any amount of food. SO I would eat a little here and a little there but I just never felt satisfied. I’m assuming the difference was that I reached for healthier alternatives to try to stave off hunger rather than anything that would fill my belly.

So looks like I’m still hanging out with 60 with a total loss of 61.18 pounds as of today.

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Starla said...

Keep pushing on! You go girl! Girl Power! No more self-downing! Talk to the hand! Don't got there!