Monday, March 26, 2007

With all the fabulous shopping we did this weekend I didn't have time to really write anything great in my blog. I'm not promising anything great now either but at least it's something new to read if you check in.

Last weekend was our LAST weekend before we leave for the US. (YAY!) We had MEGA shopping to do for gifts to bring to the family. I really think we chose some thoughtful gifts that everybody will love. I can't wait to see the kids open theirs, I really think they're gonna love them!

My mind is seriously scattered. I can't hold a thought for more than a minute without drifting off into la-la-land. My thoughts are like a marble in one of those labyrinths I used to play with when I was little. The marble goes this way, then that way, on the right path but then quickly and unexpectedly my mind tilts to the right, then a sharp dart left, it bumps into a barrier wall and eventually the thought marble falls into the little hole I like to call "vacation" to come out the bottom where the process begins again.

Every night Marco and I go to bed with full intentions of getting some sleep but end up talking for hours about vacation and what we're looking forward to most. We go over things that happened on previous vacations where we're going to eat first and how we'll spend each day.

We think about our schedules and how we can make sure to spend plenty of time with everybody. We talk about the car we're renting (a Chevy Uplander, anybody have one and if so what do you think?). We talk about what to pack. We talk about what we're going to buy. We talk about playing BINGO. We end up talking until our eyes are tearing up and we have no other choice but to fall asleep.

Good news is I'm no longer dreaming about my family feeding me bacon wrapped pancakes, bacon wrapped sausages and bacon wrapped bacon! I've made some peace with how I'm going to handle food while I'm home which would be why I'm no longer dreaming of the sabotage that is the American meal.

I've decided I'm going to gain weight while I'm home and that I'm okay with that. I am giving myself 5 pounds. I think that's kind of strict but if I really put the lessons I've learned from "the book" to use I think it's totally doable.

This week has been a rough one for me. Since we were out and about all weekend I didn't eat nearly as healthy as I usually do AND I skipped the gym on Sunday. I also had an insistent craving for chocolate all day long today. I gave into it... a few times...but not in a binge type way...we're talking through the course of the day I had a choco-coffee (which I totally cut out of my diet two weeks ago) and 2 mini candy bars. I'm still having the craving but hopefully it will pass soon. I've given into it a little and now it's just being plain stubborn. I can be stubborn too though.

We shall see how "rough" the week was when I step on the scale tomorrow morning. I had a big-ish loss last week so I'm praying for anything but a gain and I'd be super duper happy with just staying steady.*fingers crossed*

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