Sunday, March 11, 2007

Today didn't go quite as planned

I wrote yesterday that I was going to attempt spin class today. After waking up I realized there is no way in hell I was going to be able to spin... I was lucky to be able to hobble around upright.

On top of being sore from my body pump class yesterday it was also a gorgeous sunny day out and I just couldn't justify spending it inside the gym. I ended up taking Scooter for numerous long walks along the canal and through the park instead. He loved it, I loved it but I have a feeling the scale isn't going to love it come Tuesday. Sometimes though you just have to take a break for yourself. I mean, I did exercise. I walked with the dog for a good 3 hours if not more today. It may not have been sweaty heart pumping walking but I was outside and I was moving.

The beautiful weather made me drag the suitcases out from upstairs to try on my summer clothes and see where I stood. As luck would have it, I ended up standing naked for the most part. I've outgrown (or is it ingrown) everything. The shirts I was looking forward to fitting into are too big. I passed them right up! I went through the entire wardrobe and ended up with 2 dresses (one which I have never worn before because it was always just a little too snug for my taste but is now almost too big but still wearable), a couple t-shirts and 2 or 3 button down shirts. The rest was all just too big and looked pretty horrible, which is a good thing I guess.

I've bagged up the things I want to get rid of but some of my other clothes are in really good condition and were really expensive! I hate to just toss 'em in a bin for them to end up God knows where. Some things I've only worn once or twice and a couple more I never wore at all! So I've put an ad on a local expat website to give my better clothes away. I have had one woman respond and she's going to come take a look at the clothes in a couple weeks.

I know how hard it is to shop here if you're not a small person so I'm more than glad to help another person out. Last time I did this I gave away sizes 28 through 24. Now I'm giving away all my 22/24's. Seems like I'm fitting in 20's right now and probably 16/18 in shirts. So that's about 5 dress sizes! YAY!

My closet it looking bare but with my trip to the US right around the corner I'm sure I'll be able to remedy that!

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Amy said...

Weather here in CA has been gorgeous lately (today it was 85!). I feel no guilt in taking long walks...even though I am not breaking a sweat I am moving (I happen to be carrying an extra 18 lbs. these days daughter!)

How AMAZING is it that you have dropped that many sizes!?!? That is so great! I have been wanting to get into my closet and ripping out my 'ingrown' clothes too. I never want to see those sizes (on me) again. They will be gone for good...and I have no problem whatsoever buying smaller, new clothes! Hope you have a great time back in the US and splurge on a well deserved shopping spree!