Sunday, March 04, 2007

I spun myself into a frenzy today!

Marco and I ventured into our first spin class this morning. Holy cow what a workout! I never knew I could sweat like that!

For those who aren't sure what a spin class is it's basically a bike riding class but the wheels are weighted and the bike can simulate hills. Here's a picture of a spin bike:

See the little bity seat. My not-so-little-bity arse sat on it for an hour today. Well not the whole hour as a portion of the class is done standing up but when I did sit down it was on this narrow cushionless seat. Ouch!

It was probably the most challenging exercise I have done to date. When I said earlier that I was sweating I am talking dripping-wet-down-my-back-into-my-arse-crack-soaking-my-underoos-running-down-my-legs-into-my-socks sweaty. My arms were glistening, my face was that lovely shade of purple that I blogged about before, my fingers were even sweating. Now when you're pinkies are dripping in salty sweat you just know you're kicking some big fat caloric butt!

I was able to keep up with most of the class. Occasionally I would have to sit back and gather myself as I tend to overwork and get dizzy from my heart rate being too high. That was the beauty of the class though, since you're on your own bike you can work at your own speed. Once settled I would join back in wherever the class was, pretty simple.

Next time I will have the instructor help me adjust my bike to the proper height and things. I think my seat was either back to far or not back far enough because when we were sitting and spinning my "girl parts" would be in a heck of a lot of pain or go numb. I prefer the latter but surely that can't be normal or expected.

I also think my handlebars could have been up a little higher. There wasn't much time to adjust things before class but next time I'll be sure to ask for help.

It was an awesome leg/booty workout and just an overall sweat-a-thon. I highley recomend it!


kimberly said...

I feel like that when I ride a bije for too long. I don't know if it's the seat, or just not being used to it, but I go totally numb...kind of scary.

Good job on getting through the class, sweat and all!

Amy said...

Glad you tried the class...and you didn't have to worry about being uncoordinated like in Step! Definitely have the instructor help you with the bike positioning; it will make a big difference! I wish I had a Spin class time that worked w/ my schedule...I always felt like such an athelete when it was done!

J.E. said...
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AGirlWorthLosing said...

I have always wondered about those classes. My mom said they are hellish. Glad to know you had a pretty good experience despite the seat. I may want to try it, I will have to gather the courage. :)

MadameK said...

Hats off to you for having the guts to try spinning. I've heard its the greatest work out ever, but I'm such a chicken.

Correction--lazy chicken.