Monday, April 09, 2007

Holy hangover what a weekend!

What a crazy busy fun weekend! We packed the car up early Friday morning, dropped Scooter off at my brother's house so he could play with his cousins all weekend (and so we could actually have some time that wasn't revolved around Mr. Puppy Pant's play schedule) and headed up to Springfield for "Sarah and Marco's Weekend of Fun".

We made our first stop at my friend Teena's house in Chatham. We got to hang out and play with her and her two gorgeous little girls Gabbie and Bella. It only took them a little bit of warming up before they had Marco wrapped around their little princess fingers and he was down on the floor playing puzzles. It was so nice to sit and catch up with all the gossip but it just makes it that much harder to leave when it's time to go. Sometimes it's easy not to think how much you miss somebody when you're away and to just push everything to the back of your mind and keep yourself busy with life. Vacation makes all those little thoughts creep back up to the front of your head and expose themselves, full on frontal exposure. We said our "see ya's" and headed off to our next destination.

We landed at Keith and Josh's house where we unpacked our bags and made ourselves at home. We went to their gym to get in a workout. The equipment was very different than what we're used to at our gym but we still managed to get in a pretty decent workout. I was nice and sweaty by time we left which is always good.

Like the party animals we are, we spent Friday night like any other 30 something couple... at the local BINGO hall! It's a tradition with my little group of friends that began a few years back and it's something we always look forward to when we're back home. Unfortunately we went home empty handed but we still had a pretty fun time.

Saturday we shopped. Then we shopped. Then we shopped a little. Then we had some lunch. Then we shopped some more. When we were done shopping we went shopping. It was every girls dream! I discovered that my sizes vary from store to store but I am definitely in the range of 18/20/22. I'm mostly 18 and 20 for shirts (mostly 18, YAY!) but more 20/22 for my pants which is still pretty good. I got 3 pair of jeans, some dress pants for work and a super cute shirt (and probably some other items that are currently slipping my mind).

Saturday night we decided we needed to go out. I was itching to do some booty shaking and that itch didn't go unscratched! We started drinking at the restaurant where we had dinner and it set the stage for a fun Captain Morgan filled evening.

Actually the evening was quite sedate compared to how we used to whoop it up in the olden days but for a quite "settled" married couple who drinks a grand total of about 3 times a year, we managed to suck down the alcohol in mass quantities.

We headed out to some of our old stomping grounds just to see if there would be any familiar faces or blasts from the pasts. I've been going out with Keith and Josh for years so there's been quite a few people come in and out of our lives, some we hoped to see and other's we had hoped to avoid. We lucked out for the most part and really had a fun time.

We did end up seeing quite a few people that I hadn't seen for a while and the reception I got was a total ego boost. Compliments on my weight loss were flying left and right and I totally felt great about my accomplishments thus far. There were two people who didn't recognize me at all! Maybe that was partly due to inebriation but I'd like to think otherwise, so I will.

It was retro night at the bar and we boogied until the ugly lights came on. So dancing totally justifies and cancels out all the empty calories in the gallons of alcohol we consumed doesn't it? It does if you're on vacation!

Sunday morning we dragged our hung over arses to T.J.'s house for a lovely Easter brunch. He really went all out and had quite the little buffet of breakfast items. We're now back at "home" and looking forward to a busy week.

I've done pretty okay with my food intake so far I think. I've made much better choices that I would have in the past but I think I still can use improvement in portion control. Yes, I can eat a skinny cow ice cream bar but no I shouldn't eat the whole pack in 2 days.

I know I've gained weight. I can see it in my body and feel it in my clothing. How much weight I've put back on is a mystery that I think I'll keep a mystery until I get back to Amsterdam. I do think that 5 pound limit I set for myself has come and gone though which is a bit disappointing. I still have almost 2 full weeks here so I need to tighten my reins a little more and maybe do a little bit more cardio. I'm not going to beat myself up over it but I'm not going to totally blow it off like it doesn't matter at all. Getting the balance between being obsessive and too relaxed is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated.


Melissa Cousin said...

Hey girl, its Lissa! Stick with it while you are here too, that will only prove that you are really doing it. It will suck at the time, but when you look back, you will be so glad that you didnt eat all that crap. Prove it to yourself. Sounds like you are doing great. I had a situation today after church. We went to a chinese restaraunt, (not buffet), but when i got my food, i got one plate of it,and then i was full, and i wanted to eat more, duh, because it was sitting there, and wanted to be eaten. But instead i pushed my plate away and was ok. Until the waiter brought my to go container, i kept wanting to pick at it, but i didnt and i was damn glad later. So treat yourself when its worth it, and beat yourself when its not! I sound like tony little huh! LOL! see ya saturday! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all your weight loss!! I've been lurking on your blog since I found it from the nest. You're such an inspiration, I think of every bit of hard work you've been through when I gripe about doing my workouts. Have fun on your vacation and enjoy Central Illinois (I live in Champaign) while you're here.