Saturday, April 21, 2007

We've landed safe and sound!

Hey everybody! Just a really quick note to let you all know we've arrived safely back in Amsterdam. The flight was great, everything went smooth and on time. We're jet-lagged once again but usually on the way home it doesn't last nearly as long as it does when we go backwards in time.

I'm fairly certain I've blown my 5 pound weight limit out of the water that I set for myself. I'm assuming I've gained about 15 pounds back which actually doesn't bother me as much as it probably should. I'll have the official weigh in on Tuesday. I'm retaining water like a sponge right now as I always swell up when I fly. Hopefully by my weigh in I'll have an accurate weigh in and see what kind of damage was done and where I need to go from here.

We went shopping today and I'm back in the swing of things already. It's like being in an alternate universe here. I go to the store, chose healthy foods and get outta there. I'm not even half tempted to buy crap I shouldn't be eating. I guess that's the beauty of vacation, you do things you wouldn't normally do, like eat cheesecake! (my one true weakness that I just can never ever in a million years pass up).

I have tons of pictures that I'll share a link to in the next couple of days so you can see some updated shots of me (and my family!).


Lissa said...

I cant wait to see your pics! I will email you some of mine as soon as I get time! Love ya Lissa.

Amy said...

Glad you had a great time! Whatever happens w/ the gain, it is what it is; nothing you can do to take it back. Just get back into your routine now and go from there!

Ali said...

I just saw on 'The Biggest Loser' - somebody who was immune, ate normal for a week, didn't do exercise, gained 12 pounds but then the week after he really went for it and lost altogether 26 pounds! If he wouldn't have gained the 12 pounds he couldn't have lost that much.
I just gained 6 pounds and in one week that I was really strict, I actually lost 8 pounds. I think sometimes you need to take a break from the dieting and just let yourself be. As long as you jump on the wagon after that, you'll be fine. That might even help you break plateaus.

Sara said...

My thinking is that it is best to have fun on your vacation. If you feel deprived or that you did really good but didn't enjoy yourself like you might've with some treats then you come home and reward yourself, continually. It is better to do it in a place where a habit can't form than to start doing in your everyday life. The key is just getting back to normal! Good Luck with your weigh in!