Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pictures from vacation

You should be able to click the link to see some pictures of me from vacation. The first 4 pictures are "before" pictures from vacation last year, June 2006 before any of this weight loss business started. These are pictures since I've lost between 50 and 66 pounds! (since I gained some while on vacation and didn't weigh in some of the later pictures are probably less than 66 pounds in the negative, if ya know what I mean).

Geesh all those pictures of me make me look totally conceited! I swear there are more pictures from our vacation that aren't starring SARAH!

(If anybody out there is brilliant enough to tell me how to add pictures as a slide show to my blog I would be forever grateful. I would love to have a constant showing of before and after pictures flipping through as you read. If you are brilliant enough to tell me how to do it please talk to me like I'm a 4 year old idiot. It's really the only way to make me fully understand. email me the directions if you'd like at Thanks!)


Lissa said...

Wow Sarah, What a transformation..that is how I feel when I look at my last years pics sometimes too. You should be starring in your pics, you look great! Im so proud of us, lets keep going and have a reunion next year and see how we are. Go to, and that might help you to make a slideshow for your page. That is what I use. Love you!


Anonymous said...

Oh My God Sarah you are like a totally different person all the features of your lovely face are more enhanced and you look so confident and happy! Strut your stuff girl you have earned it!!