Saturday, April 07, 2007

Successful day shopping!

I found my dress for my brother's wedding! It's a beautiful lavender A-line halter dress and fits awesome. I have to admit, I feel pretty hot in it. I got totally cute shoes too so the whole outfit is complete.

I ended up being a size 20 on my bottom but size 18 on top (which is 5 whole sizes smaller than my pre-weight loss size) so I got the 20 to fit my ample rear and have to have the top tailored. Thank God my friend Liz's sister in law is a seamstress (she actually took in my wedding dress for me) and has made time to squeeze me in in time for the wedding.

Today we're going shopping for some jeans, shirts and just every day wear. YAY!

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Tales of a Nanny said...

The dress sounds so pretty! You have to make sure that you post pictures of it!! Have a great time at the wedding.