Sunday, April 29, 2007

So much for back in the swing... more like back to bed!

Apologies for no updated posts this week. How boring! But I promise I have a good excuse.

I have been sick since we arrived home from the US. I'm actually still not well today but I'm freaking tired of bring unwell and I'm sooooooo over staying in this house.

It's been a strange illness. In the span of a few hours my head with go from totally stuffed-unable to breathe through my nose, to my nose running like a faucet until I have to stuff tissue in them looking like a walrus, to having itchy ears that can only be cured by sticking my finger in my ear and shaking it forcing me to look like my canine companion Scooter, to a tickle in my throat that just simply cannot be cured, to a sneezing fit (which always seems to happen when I am furthest away from any sort of tissue or paper product forcing me to sprint to the nearest source of paper while making a very pretty face, jumping over the dog/husband/ball/shoes trying to keep that sneeze in just a wee bit longer) to a heavy lead-filled head that pounds, back to the super runny nose and then finally ending with a crescendo of coughing which ends in a loud hocker spitting finale. It's pretty.

Add that to the fact that I was probably still a little jet lagged this week and my sleep schedule is totally out of whack and you have a lovely recipe for being totally screwed up for weeks to come. I've probably slept 16 or 17 hours every day this week with the exception of the past 2 days where I've forced myself to stay awake to try to get into a more normal pattern. I'm still sleeping about 10 hours though give of take an hour. It's crazy.

I guess it's what my body needs but it really threw my plan to get back to the gym right out the window. Of course while I've been home from work the dog still needs to be taken out and walked and played with and he doesn't understand that mommies head feels like it could implode at any given moment. He just wants me to throw the damned ball.

Yesterday I did get out and ride my bike for a little bit. (Oh yeah, I got a new bike since my old bike was stolen from school. It's no longer an omafiets, or grandma bike, but its nothing totally cool either. I have two locks this time though!) The weather here is fantastic, in the 80s, and I just can't stay in any longer. Maybe it's allergies. Maybe it's just a cold. Maybe it's my body playing tricks on me so I can't get a good workout in. Either way I'm pissed off about it but listening to my body. I've given it a good proper rest and now I'm done playing it's little games and I'm reclaiming my body back. Go ahead! Make me cough! I'll just spit out my loogie and keep on going!


Dr. Phil McGraw said...

Maybe you're allergic to Amsterdam. You know the only cure for that, don't you? Move back home!

Zanitta said...

Aww, sorry you're feeling bad, but (at the risk of sounding patronizing - sorry!) well done you for getting out even though you were feeling bad!