Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today is the wedding!

The rehearsal was last night and went without incident. I was already choked up at my brother saying his practice vows so I'm sure I'll be a mess today. I think everybody is excited and maybe just the slightest case of nerves for J.O. and Jill (the bride and groom).

On a weight-related note, Angela got my dress taken in and it looks fabulous! It fits like a glove. I've taken tons of pictures and will share some updated photo's of me (and probably tons of everybody else too) as soon as we're back in Amsterdam and settled a bit.

We worked out with my friend Liz at her gym on Thursday and I'm a little sore, especially in my shoulders. I guess that's what happens when you go from working out three times a week to a real body testing workout once every other week. I think the break from the gym was really what I needed though. If you remember, before we left Amsterdam I was a little burnt out and dreading my workouts. Well I'm already looking forward to getting back home and getting into my routine again and most of all tackling this last 35 pounds! (which is probably more like 45 pounds now since I've been on vacation, UGH!)

(I promise once I get back I'll write MUCH better entries I know these have been boring!)

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