Sunday, September 09, 2007

All it takes is one little comment...

Isn't it fabulous the way one little comment can really change your whole mood, even your whole outlook? It doesn't even have to be a spoken-out-loud comment. It can be a look, a smile, a head turn... just one little subtle (or not so subtle wolf whistle) move and you can really change a person's whole day.

My mood was changed by a comment unexpectedly made by my husband.

We were walking the dog today and Marco asked, "So how do you think your weigh-in is going to go this week?"

Well that's a loaded question, if you want it to be. I always get nervous when he starts asking about my weight loss because, like a smart man, he doesn't mention my weight often. It's amazing how quickly a whole slew of thoughts can sprint through your head though. Things like "why, are my jeans too tight?" or "are you picking a fight?" or "Gosh what did I eat yesterday" and even "somebodies looking for a little Sarah lovin later!"

I answered honestly.

"I don't think I'm going to lose this week but I may not gain either. I'm not sure. Why?"

"You just look like you've lost some so I was wondering what you thought."

**booming voice comes out of nowhere accompanied by thunderous applause**

"And the Husband of the Month award goes to...drum roll please... Marco Aarssen for "You look like you've lost some weight honey". Marco come on up here and claim the golden pouty lips. You deserve it!"

It was in that one little instant, that one little loving comment that all the worries I've been having for the past weeks, all the insecurities about my ability to lose weight, all of the emotional crap I've been carting around on my back for months just seemed to melt away.

"Yeah? You think I look like I lost some?" I beamed.

I don't know why it was that moment that changed things. I've had you all cheering me on all along.

I don't know why him saying those words gave me an"attitude adjustment" (to quote my father) as I've had nothing but great support and advice handed to me over the months.

I don't know why those little words made such a difference to me but they did. I feel like I've been pushed out of the starting blocks once again and I'm on my way. Maybe Tuesday won't be a great weigh-in. Maybe it will. I don't really know. But I do know that this week will be a great week for me. I will continue on this journey, head held high. I can really lose this weight. I will lose these last 34 pounds and meet my first big weight loss goal. I am on my way.


Christine said...

You go girl! There is a reason why we love our husbands as much as we do!

*ccc* said...

Aww, don't you love that? Having the support from our husbands, our family members, our friends is what makes this so much easier to handle.

My grandma is cute--asks every week if I've lost weight. When I say yes, she says "I knew it. I could tell."

I know it's marginal (since I see her so often there's little way she can notice if I've lost ONE pound), but it means SO much to hear her say it :)

Yay for Marco and Yay for you! I bet your WI will be awesome!

Shannon said...

I'm proud of you for busting past this "funk" you say you have been in. YEAH SARAH!! Could part of it be that it's not "new" anymore and there's a little boredom to it? Whatever it is, I'm glad to hear you are ready to kick some weight loss booty! :-)

And I agree, one comment, smile, handshake, thank you, can sure change someone's day. I'm glad you have such a wonderful husband!

(by the way, I responded to your comment on my blog...thanks for sharing your thoughts!)

Have a wonderful week!

Teale said...

That's fantastic, it's those little comments that really make a difference!

Nory Roth said...

How well I know those "comments". My grandmother on my fathers side -- whom I fondly refer to as "Damnmaw" -- used to greet me at EVERY visit with "God girl, you're getting FAT!" Some greeting, huh? My reply was always the same......(in my head, of course) "Well, I may be FAT, but you're UGLY, and I can LOSE WEIGHT!"

Thankfully, you have someone in your corner! Keep up the good work and use the "push" that your husband gave you for all the momentum it can give!

Thanks for the comment on my blog about Dr. Phil. I like him and have read other books he's written, but not the weight solution one. How's THAT for avoidant behavior?? I'll have to check it out!

Chubby Chick said...

Sounds like your hubby's a keeper. hehe I LOVE encouraging comments from my hubby... or anybody else, for that matter. lol

Congrats on your tremendous weight loss! You are really doing great so far!

And thanks for all the kind comments you've left on my blog. I truly appreciate each and every one of them. :)

Keep up the good work!

Angie All The Way said...

I was sitting here nodding my head when I read what his reaction was to your ambivalence about your upcoming WI. Good job hubby! What a sweetheart! What a lucky duck you are to have snagged that fella!