Monday, September 17, 2007

Holy Soreness Batman!

I'm so freaking sore I could die. We went in today to discover the green in the hallway needed a second coat so that put us a little bit behind schedule and meant more painting!

Marco already tore down the wallpaper in our bedroom but he left little scraps here and there so today my mission was to remove all the little bits and pieces from each wall. By time I reached the second wall my arms were already killing me. Four walls later I was dead and we had only been working a few hours.

Since two walls in our bedroom are made from concrete and are extremely porous we have to wallpaper them as we don't have to to fill in every single little hole. My friend Alexandra had told us there is wallpaper now that you can hang and then paint so we thought we'd try it since most the wallpaper is hideous and outdated. Ends up it's not really wallpaper it's a thin fabric-y layer of fiber glass that you glue on like wallpaper. It has to dry for 17 hours (what an odd number) and then you can paint it. Well of course when you're handling fiber glass is gets all over you and both Marco and I have been itching all day long. I couldn't wait to get in the shower. Even after my shower I am still itching now and again.

This morning before heading to the new house we went to order our fridge and stove. We've had them picked out for months so it was an in and out deal, or so we though. We went in and the fridge was GONE! They got all new stock in and didn't have it anymore. What's funny was I was thinking last night "wouldn't that be funny if we went in and the fridge was gone?". Boy I couldn't have been more wrong, it wasn't funny at all! But then Marco saw that they have the exact same one but not in the silver we wanted. It came only in white but (here's the life saver of the day) if you get the white one it's 100 euros cheaper! Worked out in our favor! Both appliances are being delivered on either Thursday or Friday and I'm so excited! I think we're actually going to be moving stuff in on Thursday one week from the day we got the keys!

My neck and shoulders are killing me from painting, climbing and scraping. My knees and legs are all bruised and banged up from crawling around on the concrete floors. And to top it all off I started getting cramps in my legs and lower back today only to realize that Aunt Flo should be arriving any day now!

But no matter how much pain I'm in I am on cloud nine and could not be more thrilled with the way things are going.

Hopefully tomorrow morning's weigh in with just be low-fat sugar free icing on the low calorie cake.


Teale said...

Wow, you have been insanely busy, but it sounds like it's a great workout!

Shannon said...

Sarah--WOW woman! You guys have been working your tails off! I am always intrigued by other countries and how things operate. I was thrilled to see you posted pictures! I really like the color palette you chose, too! It's not McDonald's looking at all! Just think about what it's going to be like to have everything in it's place, organized, and your head on your your new home! :-) So much fun! I'm happy for you guys!