Saturday, February 16, 2008

Negenmaandenbeurs was lackluster to say the least

After all the excitement I had built up on my head for the nine-month fair on Friday I was quite surprised at the lack of anything with "wow" factor. We managed to have a good time just because we hardly seem to spend much time together wandering around places aimlessly but we were both less than impressed with what the fair had to offer.

It was more of the same to be honest. More of the same stores we've already been too. More of the same maternity clothing that I cannot fit into. More of the same uninspiring cribs and fabrics for the baby's room. I did see some wall art that I really loved and we may end up using in the baby's room. Here is the link to the website It's in Dutch but if you click on the left hand side where it says "Galerie" you'll see the individual paintings. It's something that can go for a girl or a boy and they're just so darned cute.

But yeah, we wandered around the event for over 2 hours and I found one booth that made me think "wow now that's some cute stuff". Blah.

I did managed to snag a shot of a bicycle that you non-Dutch readers may find interesting but of course Blogger is having a "known" problem uploading images so I can't post it here. I'll try to remeber to do it another time. Marco also got his picture taken with Bert and Ernie, lucky bastard. I was too "shy" to go up there and sit with them myself. I think it was more me being start struck than anything as I've always been an enormous Ernie fan. I even contemplated getting an Ernie tatoo at one time. Yes folks, it's true.

I'm sorry I missed my weigh in this Tuesday as my loyal reader and dear friend Keith pointed out to me. I swear time is flying by so quick some weeks but at the same time it feels like I'm standing still. I'm in this vacuum where everything is happening around me at warp speed but I'm going in slow motion. Hard to explain. I did hop on the scale this morning and saw some ugly numbers. I'll wait to share them on Tuesday in hopes that I'm either retaining 4 pounds of water or my bowels are backed up holding onto 4 pounds of intestinal fun. Both are a possibility and neither are fun.

I'm going to the radio station on Monday morning to see what it's all about. If you want to can catch the show by going to and click on "how to listen again". My Holland readers can of course catch the show in the morning on 99.4 from 7 to 9 a.m. Maybe I should be holding onto this information in my little pocket until I see what kind of jerk I make of myself but then again, what the hell, I've shared some of my most embarrassing and silliest moments with you all, why not this too?

I hope you're having a successful and healthy week.

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