Saturday, February 02, 2008

Mark it on your calendar folks...

Since day one of my BFP (big fat positive, meaning pregnancy test) I have been obsessed with if this baby is a girl or a boy. Naturally we are thrilled beyond belief that we're even pg so we don't care what the gender is but I am just so curious. My Mom says that waiting until the baby is born to find out is half the fun but she also said "you're a planner Sarah, you just can't wait." Oh how wise my mother is. So I made my appointment for March 5th and you better believe I am joyously ticking off the days on the calendar. It's a shame to wish the month away but really if I could skip over February this year I wouldn't be too upset.

I've gone back and forth on my "feelings" of which it is. At first I had no clue but had the waving baby dream that I told you about and in that dream it was a girl. Then at one of the emergency ultra sounds (with the polyp) I just 'felt' that it was a boy. At my 12 week ultra sound I was swayed again and thought "girl". Now I am just clueless! Marco has felt it is a girl all along with the exception of a few days after the same ultrasound that made me think boy. He's back on the girl feeling though.

My niece, Tyler, has requested a girl. According to her boys are "goobers" and yes, that's a direct quote. My nephew, Milan, says he'll only play with a boy, again another direct quote. Another niece, Kamryn, has requested a boy for unspecified reasons. Marco's parents are hopeing for a girl (but of course only wish for a healthy baby most importantly) as they only have boys in their family. My family hasn't really been vocal about their thoughts or intuitions on the baby. Of course there are so many kids in my family (our baby will be grandchild #12, making it an even dozen) already of either gender that the gender isn't really a big deal I think. They'll be thrilled with whatever we have.

It's so nice to have something to really look forward to and be excited about. It makes all the mundane days seem to go by just a little bit quicker and makes the things that irritate the hell out me seem a little less irritating.

I hope the baby cooperates and shows the goods. I'm dying to know if we're going to bring home a Ty John Robert or a Sadie Marie!

(the spell check wouldn't work for some reason so please pardon the typos, I'll try to run it later when blogger is behaving better).


Amy said...

I always had the feeling mine was a girl. I think because I read about the whole "Shettles" method and according to when we did it, it was more likely to be a girl.

Hope that the view is crystal clear on March 5th! Around that same time we will most likely be working on our 2nd! Yeah, TMI but I'm giving like that.

Anonymous said...

Must be SO exciting!! Can't wait to hear if it's a blue or pink day for you in March!


Amy said...

I'm getting anxious to find out your little one's gender too!! At least February is a short month anyway, right?? Heehee!

GeorgieGirl said...

oh the excitement is in the air!

I had five boys and one girl. My last baby (17 years old now), I was sure was a girl. Down right positive it was a girl. We were so positive it was a girl, we only chose girl names. OOPS. He didn't have a name for several days after he was born.

What an exciting time in your life! Cute names too!