Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All about my appointment, starring: My Uterus!

I had my re-scheduled appointment with my midwife this morning and it went pretty well. They didn't have the results from my diabetes test yet, surprise-surprise, so she is going to call me if they're bad and otherwise I'll just see her at my next appointment. Let's hope I don't hear from her!

She checked my blood pressure which was perfectly fine. I was (only) slightly worried that my blood pressure might be elevated as sometimes swelling can be due to preeclampsia which is linked to blood pressure (and protein in urine). As I've mentioned half a million times in the last month, my feet and ankles resemble bricks and potatoes in the evenings (pretty ain't it?). Thank goodness it's not a sign of anything wrong just one of the lovely side effects of pregnancy! Whew.

Now let's get down and dirty...let's talk about my uterus. I knew you all were just dying to hear about it! If you remember, which you probably don't, the midwife said last time that my uterus was measuring "a little ahead". I didn't think to ask exactly what "a little ahead" was to her but she didn't seem concerned so neither did I. I assumed it meant I was a few days ahead of schedule, which made sense to me since I know I'm further along than she says I am by about 3 days.

So she measured my belly, listened to the heartbeat, felt around for the baby and all was well. I asked "so last time I was measuring a little ahead you said, how am I this time?"

She took a look at her computer and said, "oh much better this time, you're measuring 2 weeks ahead."

Sorry?!?! Much BETTER?

"How far ahead was I measuring last time then?"

"5 weeks"

What!!!!!!!!! WOW! That's one supersized uterus! I'm actually glad that I didn't know this last time because I would have been extremely worried. WOW! 5 week ahead. As you all know and as WE know, we're not 5 weeks ahead, we know the exact date of ovulation and are pretty sure we have implantation day nailed down. The news was still shocking though.

She went on to explain that the measurements are just "averages" and every woman is different, yada, yada ,yada, but I seemed to be averaging myself out as time goes on and she's not worried yet. By next month she assumes I'll be right on target. She also said that it's only my uterus that is measuring big, the baby is measuring perfectly fine. So I guess all is good in Sadie's little Uterus-villa and she's got plenty of space to grow...hell, she's living in a mansion as far as uterine space is concerned.

So that was my visit! All is well in pregnancy land and we're counting down the last 96 days of my pregnancy!


the lassie said...

Good to hear everything seems fine! I know how scary the measuring thing can be. I just got relieved of my worries today, too. Entered week 36 of my pregnancy today. *phew*

The Pound Slayer said...

Thanks for the comment :) I'm on my way back!