Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Queen's Day everybody!

Today is Queens Day in the Netherlands, when we celebrate the Queen's birthday. Well actually we're celebrating the Queen's mother's birthday. Queen Beatrix's birthday (current Queen) is sometime in February but they just never changed the Holiday since her Mom's reign. I've blogged about Queen's Day every year so just a brief synapsis. It's a huge yardsale where everybody get's up at the asscrack of dawn to try to pawn the junk they don't want or need any longer on their fellow countrymen. There are also some stalls that are like the open market where the goods aren't used. It's also a time of celebration all over the city (and country). There are street parties everywhere, live music, DJ's from all over the world and lots and lots of beer and other alcoholic beverages. It also means the office is closed the rest of the week so it's a 5 day mini vacation for me! Happy Queen's Day!

Marco and I were up at the asscrack of dawn but for different reasons. I got to be on the English Breakfast radio show today as co-host. If you don't remember I did a show back in February and just haven't had the opportunity to do another one until this morning. That meant waking up at 5:45 to be at the studio at 6:40. Sweet, darling Marco got up just to drive me there. Awwww. This time around it was just me and the host, Chenoa, riding the airwaves. I really had a blast and I think he did too. I got to bring in some of my own CD's, which are all extremely old I must admit, and we just really got on well together. It was my first time meeting him and it was his first time running the show by himself and we managed to have a lot of laughs. Other than a small sna-fu with the phone (we couldn't get it to work so nobody could call in) and us playing the wrong track when we introduced a different one, I think the show went really well. I'll post a link a little later on so you can listen to the show if you'd like. I'm hoping that during my maternity leave I'll be able to help out some more and spend some more time at the studio. It's so much fun!

After the show Marco picked me up again and normal, off air life began again. We took the dog for a nice long walk where he managed to get into a canal and came out smelling like manure. Refreshing! We quickly went home and all had baths. Then Marco and I headed out to the sales to see if there was any junk around that we just "had to have". We came home with two new pillows (not used of course) and a carpet runner for the hallway. These were things we were going to need anyway but by buying them today we saved about 75% of what we would normall spend. Yay for a bargain!

No big plans for the rest of the Holiday. I think we may catch a movie but otherwise we're just chilling out at home. I hope you all are having fun, healthy and successful weeks!

(once again Blogger's spell check isn't working so pardon the errors. I'm too lazy to copy and paste it into another format to check the spelling. You'll survive. I promise!)

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