Friday, April 04, 2008

A little phenomeon called Ferras Alquasi

You may recognize the name from a recent Jay Leno appearance. Or it could be that you've seen him on The Today show or TRL on MTV. Maybe you've never heard of him but hopefully soon enough Ferras will be a household name!

So what in the world does Ferras Alquasi have to do with me or my blog... not a whole lot actually but he is originally from the tiny town in Illinois, where I'm from. He grew up with my brother and they graduated together!

He would do solos at the high school choir concerts and would give me goosebumps every time. I would go to every concert just to hear him to be honest (no offense to my brother or other choir members!). He also played the role of the traveling salesman in the school musical Oklahoma! You can bet your bottom dollar that's going to be shown on VH1 someday. LOL He was always such a talented musician, I think we all knew he would go far or at least we all hoped he would.

Apparently he just released his first album this month. I can honestly say that can't wait to buy it. There is just something special about seeing somebody who you "know" finally catch the dram they've been chasing. You can't help but be proud of them. Here is a link to his first solo song. He was just an amazing kid (well he's 26 now) and has worked so hard. He deserves this.

You can watch his video on youtube at:

Enjoy it!

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