Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I remembered to weigh in.

Well I was a little over one pounds (.6 kilos) lighter on the scale this morning. Not phenominal... not even blog worthy really... but it is what it is so there it is. I do feel a lot better this week and my potato ankles are now down to more like boiled egg ankles. I'm chugging the water and haven't had another binge since the great pizza incident of 2008.

I sincerely appreciate all of the great comments and advice you all have been giving me. You have given some wonderful tips and really make me think about this whole process in a brighter light. I actually made a huge pot of veggie soup/stew on Sunday night and plan on making this a habit. I love veggie soup, it's cheap and it's easy to make a ton of it, it's filling and it's healthy. I just need to quit using boulion cubes and make my own stock to cut back on sodium but I only use one cube for a huge pot of soup so it's not really all that bad.

I had an ephinay this morning on my way to work as to why I have been feeling so down on myself. I have put a ton of pressure on myself to look fabulous and be back to my pre pregnancy weight before I go home to the US, which is in 17 days. Well that's obviously not going to happen but I have really been beating myself up about it. The last time I was home, a year and almost 8 months ago, I had just dropped 70+ pounds and felt wonderful about how I looked. I was looking forward to shopping, buying new clothes and showing off my newly found curves minus the lumps. Now I feel wonderful about the fact that I have a gorgeous baby but my body is not something I'm particularly happy with at this moment. I realize the baby is only 16 weeks old and I am not some Hollywood starlet with a team of personal trainers and tons of time on my hands who has to be back in size 0 in 48 hours. I need to back off a little and really gather some perspective of what I've just gone through, physically.

Overall... I will get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I won't be before Christmas... it may not even be before June... but I will get back there someday in 2009 and then I'll keep on trucking utnil I reach my 200 pound goal. I will be healthy again. I will exercise again. I will get back to it all... but just not all at once and just not all right now.


becklette said...

god, wouldn't it be great to have a team of qualified pros to get me into a size 0 in 48 hours? i mean you. i mean... us. i sure would like to show up at thanksgiving dinner on thursday weighing 90-some pounds less!

i'm glad you made veggie soup. i did, too! i almost forgot about it (after eating it every day for a good 5 months last year) but h reminded me.

and i'm glad your outlook is improving...

AGirlWorthLosing said...

"The great pizza incident of 2008"---LOL, you make me laugh!

You have inspired me to try and make my oown vegtable soup...can you give me the recipe?

I know you will get healthy and show your little girl how to live.

Lissa said...

Hey can you send me your moms number..I want to talk to her about Christmas and coming to her house to see you guys! Love you and keep up the good work!

The Atkinsons in Amsterdam said...

WOOOOOOHOOOOO Congrats on your 1 pound weight loss! remember any loss is a success. Good job!!!

Another reminder that I'm sure you've heard 6,924,950 times: It took you 9 months to gain the baby weight, you can't expect to lose it overnight.