Saturday, November 29, 2008

Survived Thanksgiving with hardly a scratch!

I must admit it is easier for me than most of my American readers as I have no access to over sized portions of stuffing, seconds or thirds on gravy laden potatoes, a buffet of Thanksgiving pies and desserts or leftovers for days but I did survive this Thanksgiving with hardly a pant to unbutton.

We went to Hard Rock Cafe this year for Thankgiving as they bosted about having this "traditional American Thanksgiving meal" which was traditional in the names of the foods, yes, but the making and tasting of the food, not so traditional. In their defense, I ate it all and it was pretty okay. They had a huge task to accomplish though if they thought they were going to out-cook my Mom's Thanksgiving meal. I'm sure many of the expats felt the same. Yes, it was turkey but it wasn't Mom's turkey. Yeah we had stuffing but it wasn't Mom's stuffing. They almost set themselves up for defeat if they thought they could outcook Momma Kelly's Thanksgiving meal. No way.

So yeah, I ate the whole meal though. We had a really nice time talking, eating and just being together with Jennifer, Danny and baby Quint, fellow American's fresh off the boat. They are really something that I am thankful for this year, to have found them and befriended them. They're really great people and Sadie just loves Quint.

I've been doing fairly decent with my eating. I'm making better choices with my meals at home. Snacking is a tough part but getting easier as I go. I'll be interested to see what the evil scale has to say this week.

On a super bright, break out the sunglasses note... The Weighin' in With my .02 family will be arriving in the USA in just a short 12 days. We're arriving on Dec. 12th and not leaving until January 3rd! I'm so looking forward to this nice long visit with family and friends. I hope we have time to see them all!


The Atkinsons in Amsterdam said...

AHHH I'm thankful for you too :) BUT I am going to be bored for the time you're gone :( Have fun in the good old US of A! Tell the Cheesecake Factory I said HELLO.

Georgie Girl said...

I'm so happy for you and your family in the USA! That's a nice long visit home.