Sunday, November 16, 2008

Started out with a bang...

and ended with a pppppffffffftttttt. My week started off really well and got progressivly worse and the days wore on. Not to always blame my poor little lambchop, Sadie, for my actions but little lamby hasn't slept well the past 4 days and it makes Mommy do things without thinking, like grabbing an unhealthy snack without thinking twice or surrendering to a quick (read: unhealthy) meal so she can slink into bed for a few hours (or minutes). I will say that even though the past couple days haven't been wonderful regarding my eating they still have been way better than they had been over the past few months.

My water intake has been pretty fabulous I must say. Unfortunately my ankles are still swollen and resemble little potatoes. I envy those women whose hormones go right back to where they should be after pregnancy. I honestly had no idea they would linger on as they have. Oh and the hair loss, that's lovely. I spend most of my day picking hair off of me or Sadie and after my shower...MY GOD! I've started wearing it pulled back all the time just to keep my shedding to a minimum and it's not a good look on me. Of course, neither is bald!

I'm going to try to remember to weigh in on Tuesday and report back on my progress.

Hope you are all having healthy, successful weeks!

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Saffa Chick said...

Don't beat yourself up - you're trying to juggle work and baby and hubby and weightloss... Just 2 out of the 4 would be good right?

I hope you catch up on some sleep and feel better soon.