Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1.7 kilos (3.74 lbs) gone!

Woohoo! Great numbers on the scale this morning which starts my week off perfectly. Of course I needed to lose 2 kilos even before I get my "reward" of Zumba DVD's but now I'm a mere 0.3 kilos to get there. Next week that prize will be mine!

I was actually quite surprised to see such a loss. I had an okay week but it wasn't anything execptional. I didn't log my food intake for a few days just due to tiredness. I did some extra exercising as the weather has been exceptionally beautiful as of late and it's great to get outside with Sadie. I was very conscious of what I ate with the exception of one meal and I guess it payed off.

If you'll be so kind as to notice I've added a list of rewards on the left hand side of my blog. You'll also notice that many of them are left blank. I think rewarding yourself for your hard work is necessary in the weight loss world but I'm having a hard time coming up with different things use. It doesn't have to be expensive or anything, sometimes just a simple book or "afternoon off" from everything works. I have a love (obsession may be the better choice of words here) of shoes but they're impossible for me to buy in the Netherlands due to my oversided large wide shoe size. Seriously, impossible to find cute ones. I collect Russian Matrioska Dolls but I have enough of those for now. I don't buy jewlery or hand bags really, I'm a pretty basic girl. I definately don't want to reward myself with food, that's totally counterproductive for me! So any grand ideas of how you like to treat yourself, by all means share!

I hope you all are having healthy successful weeks!


Saffa Chick said...

Hmmm reward ideas...

Massages. Maybe just a foot/shoulder one for a small loss but a full body one for a big loss! I've give a lot for a massage right now.

Mani/pedicure? They're not really my thing but I know other girls like them. Or perhaps a facial.

A new haircut/colour.

New underwear. I always feel guilty spending money on lovely undies, so an excuse would be nice.

Do you like bubblebaths? How about a special bath bubble/oil/salt.

A fancy bottle of champagne.

I don't really do jewellery either, but I'd love a new pair of cute earrings.

Congrats on the weight loss! Back on track indeed.

Saffa Chick said...

Oops, I wrote that before seeing you already have a massage as a reward - great minds think alike!