Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Kissing one more pound goodbye!

I was really happy this morning when I got on the scale to see 124.5 kilo (273.9 lbs) staring me in the eye. It means I've had another successful week and dropped another pound. Actually, I must be honest here, I thought I dropped two pounds which is why I was so happy but then when I came to post I realized I was 125 last week so only dropped one pound not two BUT I am not complaining in the least.

I have been doing well logging in my food with My Fitness Pal but I must admit it can be a tad frustrating for me in the beginning since it's an American site and all of my food is Dutch. I don't have the same brands so most of the food I end up putting in manually. Then the Dutch labels aren't required to "share" as much nutritional info as the FDA requires so I am missing some information on my foods. Thank God I'm pretty boring and eat all of the same things all of the time so within a couple weeks I should have all of my foods saved in there.

I still want to add some more components to my blog, like a list of healthy food/recipe blogs (thanks for the suggestions in my post below and keep them coming!) and a list of my goals and rewards for reaching those goals.

Speaking of rewards...after dropping my first 5 kilos (from the weight I was at the weigh in after Marco and I made the deal, not 129.9) (which I'm still working at) I was supposed to spoil myself with a massage but now I'm thinking that I would much rather have the Zumba dvd's that I see advertised on telsel here (the home shopping channel equivalent). I can always move the massage to my second prize and with the Zumba dvd's working on my side I will get to that prize even quicker, no? Have any of your attempted Zumba? It looks like a blast and a tough workout so I'd love to at least try it. At 75 euros it's bit pricey but if it gets me moving then I think it may be well worth the money spent.

I'm going to go see how close I am to getting my reward right now as a matter of fact. I'm sure you'll be on the edge of your seat until I return. Grab the low carb popcorn.

Update: My 5 kilo goal starts from 126.7 kilos so I have lost 2.2 kilos with 2.8 to go to reach my first milestone and get my reward, whatever it may be!

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