Sunday, March 01, 2009

So I tried a new recipe for Sweet Potato Apple Curried Soup that I found an a great blog I stumbled upon one day. I love sweet potato recipes so how could it go wrong, right? Well let me tell you how it can go wrong. Very.wrong.

It's actually a very typical story for me.... set out to try to cook something new and then a little tweak here, a change up there and voila... you have nothing like it's supposed to be.

So I started off on the right foot, I had all the ingredients I thought I needed. I baked the sweet potatoes and now just needed to boil the other ingredients for 20 minutes, then blend it up and eat! Yay!

So I'm dicing the apples, have the chicken stock in the pot, I had the onion, I actually had real ginger rather than ginger powder... I add in the curry powder...oh wait, no... I don't have curry powder... shit. I knew I forgot something at the store. So a quick google to see if I have a substitite for curry powder, as I know it's just a mix of other spices.

So now that I've googled the curry powder substitute I realize I don't have half of the ingredients that make up curry powder but I do have some... but the stonger flavors (tumeric, fenugreek etc.) I, naturally, do not have. Ah well it's a Sunday in Holland, nothing is open, what's a girl to do... make it without it of course!

So I start making my witches brew... just a pinch of fennel... oh wait no... it came pouring out so a HUGE DASH of fennel. A bit of All Spice, a tiny bit of red pepper to add some heat... oh wait no, that's a huge amount of red pepper... quickly scrape out some red pepper but, alas, most of it has melted into the pot already. Shit.

And so it went with the rest of the spices... a bit of this, a ton of that accidently and within minutes (about 60 of them!) I had my soup. As I was settling down at the table to taste my soup I remembered the recipe called for sour cream or creme fraishe. I went to the fridge and I put a dollop of sour cream in there just to... well because I already screwed it up so why not... and of course... the sour cream was indeed sour it spoiled and chunked up in my soup. Perfect!

I wasn't about to let a little extra spice and spoiled sour cream ruin my soup experience though. Oh no, not me! I ate around the lumps of sour sour cream and managed to almost enjoy the soup. It's spicy and tastes a bit like really thick spiced apple cider but it's edible.

Please don't let my disasterous approach to cooking spoil your appetite for this soup. I think with the right ingredients it could be really tasty and pretty healthy as well!

If you have any healthy food blogs that you follow can you please post a link to them in the comment section. As you can see from above, I'm a master chef and love to try out new things! But really folks, I'm a bit bored in the kitchen and would love some referals to some great bloggers who take the time to try recipes and then share them with the rest of us "cooking-callenged" people.


Anonymous said... has a large variety of recipes. You could type in "healthy" and then ingredient you want to use into "search this set".

lowincomelady said...

This is not really a healthy food blog but I love reading it. She posts recipes and restaurant reviews.

Kirsten said...

One time I was making a 'spur-of-the-moment' bechamel sauce and I poured in a whole tablespoon of white pepper. It was so spicy I had to dump the whole thing out!

uncanny said...

Thanks for the link! I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, but I hope you give it a second chance. I think some cumin might be nice in the place of the curry, actually, but curry is nice in general for "healthy but flavorful" recipes.