Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a loss is a loss is a loss is a loss (so they say)

124.3 kilos or 273.4 lbs is what I weighed-in at this morning. And my .02 about those numbers... well I really can't complain considering the pie binge I had during the week. That's a mere 0.2 kilo or 0.44 lbs less than last Tuesday. Not exactly the numbers I hope to get each week but this is a proces.

This brings me closer to my goal of dropping my first 5 kilos and now I need to lose 2 kilos flat (4.4 lbs) in order to get my Zumba! I think I'll be dancing away in the next two weeks. That's my goal at least.

I'll update my stats on the side a little later today. Hope you all are having healthy successful weeks!

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Tina623 said...

That's what I say :). Congrats on your loss and Good luck!