Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Almost halfway there!

I lost another 5.94 pounds this week so I am really very close to halfway to my goal! YAY! 5 more pounds and I am down 50 pounds total!

I notice a definate pattern with my weight loss. One week I will have a big loss, like this week, then the following week I usually gain 1 or 2 pounds back, or stagnate. I seem to be making a 'staircase' pattern but the general slope of the pattern is going down which is what I am really concerned with.

Sorry this is so short and not very interesting, but it's a crazy busy week!


Anonymous said...

You are so inspiring to me. What you are doing is amazing. I am going to read the book you recommended. I hope to get out of it, at least a little of what you got out of it. From reading your blog I see lots of similarties bewteen the two of us. Although writing styles is not one of them. You are SUCH a good writer! Very powerful. Once you've attained your goal you should write a book on your experience. I would buy it! :-)

brideofaussie (from the Nest)

Anonymous said...

awwwww brideofaussie that's so nice to hear! Thanks so much.

Anne said...

Keep up the great work :) Will bookmark your blog.