Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Halfway is like Christmas

Getting halfway to my goal is just like Christmas! I seriously feel like it's never going to get here! As I suspected I would, I gained 3 pounds this week (lost 6 last week) but GOD! Can I just get halfway there already? I've been anticipating seeing the number on the scale for a month now and I just seem to get ohhhh so close but never quite there. I am still losing steadily but it's so frusterating to be almost there but still unable to say "I'm halfway to my goal."

But like Christmas, once it's here it'll be wonderful and once it's gone you'll never get it back.


Debbie said...

Dear Sarah,
Hi! Melissa has been keeping me posted regarding your weight loss. Congratulations! You have always been so pretty. You still are. Keep up the good work-I know it is hard. You are doing great. Love,

Aunt Debbie

wannabefree25 said...

hi sarah!

you don't know me, but i'm a fellow nestie. i've been posting on the nest (previously on the knot) for about 4 years! anyway, i usually stick to the "your home" board, but today i wandered over to the "health and fitness" board since i'm on my own weightloss journey right now. my goal is to lose 40lbs, but it seems very difficult at this point. i've been eating better and working out for about 2 weeks and it seems like an eternity! just when i was getting really frustrated, i came across a post from you on the nest. you mentioned dr. phil's book (which i should definitely read!) and then you mentioned your blog.

i am a blogger and i like to check out new blogs when i hear about them. i usually read a few posts and move on, but i just finished reading your entire blog! i started from your most recent post and read backwards all the way to your first post from august! you are an excellent writer! so funny and clever! i am totally inspired by your story. thanks for sharing it!