Saturday, December 16, 2006

Big blob of jelly (and that's a good thing!)

That's how I felt today after cashing in on my 'reward' for making it halfway and losing 50 pounds. Today I got my much anticipated massage and let me tell you it was beautiful!

I had never been to this spa before and I was a little skeptical to say the least. I have only had 2 massages since being in the Netherlands and those experiences were less than relaxing.

My first massage was given to me by a girl who had to be inexperienced. I could have very well been her first client for all I know because she couldn't be giving those kind of massages for long and manage to stay in business. First of all the chair looked very similar to a dentists chair. It didn't recline all the way back and really it was just like sitting in the dentists chair. Imagine laying on your belly like that. Talk about uncomfortable! Oh and are you relaxed at the dentist's office? Yeah, me neither. Then she massaged me as if I were a very delicate flower that would crumble if she used any sort of pressure. It was more like a tickle fight than a massage. When she whipped off the towel to massage my stomach, yes folks my stomach, I could not have been more uncomfortable. I have had quite a few massages in my day but nobody every massaged my belly. I was so tense by the end of that session I needed a massage to relive me from the stress of my massage!

My second massage was probably uncomfortable for me because I'm in Europe and Europeans are more comfy with nudity that I obviously am. It was my first massage ever given to me by a man, which shouldn't be a problem. "He's a professional, I'm a client" I kept telling myself over and over. When he whipped off my towel exposing my breasts to the world (ok so it was just me and him and he is a professional, I kept telling myself) I thought to myself, ok when in Rome do as the Romans do, be calm don't make an ass out of yourself. So I laid their naked from the waist up tyring to be relaxed but I pretty much stopped breathing altogether when he went ahead an massaged down my entire sternum. Once again, when I left I needed a massage to relieve me from my massage.

So you can see why I'd be a bit nervous going into this place, no?

But it ended up being great. I was left alone in the room to undress (unlike the second massage who just kept on setting things up while I was getting undressed) and given a robe to change into. I soaked my feet in a warm stone bath while she got all the magic muscle relaxing potions ready. She then helped me out of my robe holding it up in front of her face while I clambered up onto the table and covered up, making sure I had privacy, which I really appreciated. They didn't have heated tables or towels like other places in the US I have been to but she did throw on some extra covers for me as I was chilly.

I had a hot oil massage, which I'd never had before and it was so freaking awesome. The hot oil in combination with the whole massage experience itself was just relaxing as I could have ever hoped for. She really kneaded, rubbed and elbowed me in all the right places and I was totally able to relax. By time I was done I felt... well I felt like taking a nap actually. Of course I didn't but I really could have! They had a shower in the room for when I was done (they use the hot oil in your hair too so unless you want to try to bring the 'grease look' back into style you have to shower) and left me to get dressed.

I am so very happy I chose that as my reward and that it actually worked out this time! It was well worth the had work it took me to get there. Now I'm thinking I know exactly what I want for Christmas !!!!

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