Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"I'm getting kind of T.O'd. She hasn't sent me a fully body shot yet."

The picture (and quote in the title) is from Kip, Napoleon Dynamite's brother. If you haven't seen the movie yet then you must immediately leave your home, drive to the video store and rent it. IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Today was my weekly check-in and my weight stayed the same. I guess it's better than gaining but I was still hoping for a little loss. I guess I should have expected it though since I did miss one workout this week and the chocolates have been flowing.

So now that Christmas season is over there are no more excuses for missing the gym. No reason that scale shouldn't start sliding down in the opposite direction. No reason at all for me not to lose a little each week. I'm going to try to stop the cycles of losing big one week and gaining a little back the next week and just continually lose little by little each week.

I was going back over some old posts and noticed I kind of got away from posting about my goals. So maybe as a little New Years resolution (well that started back in August) I'm going to try to refocus on my goals for my weight loss. I'm going to try to lose that 2.2 pounds every week or between 6 to 8 pounds every month.

I have also started noticing some more changes in my body. My belly is taking on a different shape other than round. It doesn't stick over my pants nearly as far anymore, which is gross in one sense but really good in another! That little upper belly pudge should be gone rather quickly. I've really been focusing on my ab workout in the gym, to do my reps slow and steady and I can feel a difference. (ouch!)

If you read my Ode to my Kneecaps then you know I've found them peeking out from under my chubby knees. My collar bones are still protruding and I still admire them on a daily basis! Now I also have wrist knobs. You know the ones on the outside part of your wrist, that little bone there...well I have that...my wrist knob.

There is a little keyhole of light that shines through my upper thighs. So my thighs still touch at one point but right above where they rub together, they've grown apart so there is this little keyhole of light that you can see when I stand i front of you. I've been increasing the weight on the adductor machine to focus on getting those Siamese twins permanently separated.

My feet are actually a pretty normal size. Well I guess if your normal size is big and wide. I am still a size 10 WW and I don't think any amount of weight loss will change that but my toes don't resemble Snausages (that little doggy snack) anymore. They actually look like real toes and there are spaces between them and everything. You can see the veins and stuff in the tops of them, so some of the chub is gone there.

So as the new years begins, I begin again. Another 50 pounds to lose. Another milestone to make. Another reward to reap. More changes to see. More clothes to buy. More pictures to take. More sweat at the gym. More focus.

Oh, and here's that body shot for all those Kip fans.

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