Sunday, December 03, 2006

My first workout injury :o(

Something's not quite right here. We worked out Friday night as usual. (yeah we're real lame and have nothing better to do on Friday nights!) Then Saturday morning I woke up and had some muscle pain in my upper back, right underneath my shoulder blades, especially in the middle. I just assumed I was a little sore from the workout, even though I very rarely get sore afterwards.

Well as the day went on I noticed the nagging ache became more of a pain. By bedtime Saturday night it was painful, but no big deal.

Well after sleeping for a few hours I tried to roll over and HOLY CRAP it hurt! I have definitely pulled a muscle or something. So I slept like poo that night and again last night too. I am a belly sleeper and I totally can't do it with this injury unless I lay flat on my stomach with my head off the pillow, face down and my arms tucked under my body. Yeah, that's reeeeeaaalllly comfy!

So I went to the gym today as it's my regularly scheduled workout day. There was no way in hell I was going to miss today when I'm sooooo close to halfway there!

I checked with the trainer as to what exercises I should avoid and what the 'cause' of my injury could have been. I always try to concentrate very hard on my movements and make sure I do them as I was shown. I want to avoid injuries at all costs. A heck of a lot of good that did me!

I imagined it was the squats that caused my pain because the way I have to hold the bar makes the spot right between my shoulder blades sore while I'm doing them, which is where I am having the most pain now. The trainer didn't seem to think squats were the problem but told me to avoid them today and do the leg press instead to support my back better. He also took away 2 of my other exercises (the lat machine and the low row). He still wasn't sure how I hurt myself as he thought I would have noticed it the day that it happened, not the next day, but who knows. So I did the rest of my routine as usual and it went pretty well.

The pain is ok during the day when I'm moving around and my muscles are warm but at night when they're cold and not being moved a lot it's pretty bad. I'm going to pop some ibuprofen tonight before bed and hope that I can get a good nights sleep!

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