Thursday, July 26, 2007

Get Down, Get Funky!

Yeah, that's right. Get down and get funky! And when I mean funky I'm not talking about funky-cool I mean funky-odoriferous. It's all part of losing weight after all...going to the gym, getting all sweaty, slimy, and stinky and just plain old odoriferous!

But while you're getting kick-me-in-the pants-what-is-that-smell-did-something-die-in-here-oh-my-God-my-nose-hairs-are-burning sweaty you may as well get down with some good music on your Ipod (or MP3 play of choice).

Now I don't know if what I have can be defined as good music to everybody's ears but it's the stuff that I have on my Ipod and it gets me through every single one of my workouts. (before I go further with this I wanted to answer a question that was asked many blogs ago that I rudely forgot to answer about what kind of earphones I use. I don't use the earbuds because, well my ears sweat gallons and the buds are always falling out. I have these earphones that just hook over my ears and they're made by Phillips. I wouldn't object to wearing the old school, over the head ones that seem to be back 'in' either but my ear hook ones are great!)

Before I share my play list I must remind you of a few things:
1) I am almost 31 so some of my choices may be outdated for some younger people.
2) I spent most of my late teens and 20's in gay dance clubs so I listen to a lot of dance-y type music with long intros, one song can be 10 minutes long. I like this, many people don't.
3)Some songs are only good because they remind me of days on the dance floor, drunk off Captain and coke, smoking like a chimney and cuttin a rug with my friends and if they are listened to under other circumstances they may just suck and I don't realize it.

So there you have it and here you are... my play list in no particular order with some commentary when needed.

Bacardi Mojito Song (it's from a commercial that they play before movies here. I don't know if they have it in the US but it is one of the sexiest commercials I've ever seen and every single time I am mesmerized by it. Oh and the song's good too)

Beep, Buttons, Dont Cha &Stickwitu - Pussy Cat Dolls

Check Up on It - Beyonce

Keep Pushin (aka my anthem! see prior blogs) - I have the Borris Dlugosh mix which I love (after the long intro)

Candyman, Tell Me (featureing P. Diddy) and Dirty- Christina Aguilera

Come on Down and 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters

Country Grammar, St. Louis & Tilt Ya Head Back (w/ Christina A.) - Nelly

Everybody Be Somebody - Ruffneck Dance Mix USA 96 ( I LOVE this song and it totally gets me going It's the song I play when I'm running out of zip)

Don't Call me Baby and Who the Hell are You - Madison Ave. (oldies but goodies)

Get Your Freak On, Pass that Dutch - Missy Elliot

Ignition - remix by R. Kelly

Sexy Back, What goes Around, Lovestoned, Senorita, and Girlfriend by Justin Timberlake (apparently I'm a bigger JT fan than I realized!)

My Milkshake - Kelis

Girl From the Gutter - Kina ( The Thunderpuss Remix is my favorite and I love this song! get through the long into and you will be pleased)

3AM - Matchbox 20

Push the Button, Round Round, Hole in the Head & In the Middle - Sugarbabes

Move This (Shake that Body) - Technotronic power plays (an extreme oldie but goodie)

The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Platters (I have no idea why but I love this song)

Pump It Up - Danzel

SOS & Pon De Replay - Rhiana

The Anthem - Good Charlotte (I love this song and it's another one that pushes me on until the end)

You're the Worst Thing For Me - Chris Cox and DJ Irene Remix by Puska featuring Thea Austin - X Factor May 2001 (WHEW! I worked up a sweat just typing that one out!)

Zookey (Lift your leg up) - Yves larock -Bob Sinclair Africanism Remix (super long intro but good anyway)

So there you go! That's what keeps my heart-a-pumpin while I'm working out, getting fit, getting healthy. If there is something I'm missing and just HAVE to have please let me know! I'm always hearing great songs on the radio that I want to download but either forget by time I'm home or don't know the name of so by all means share!


Maurey Pierce said...

You surprise me!

Anonymous said...

In what way?

L.U.R.D. said...

Where's Lisa Loeb and Indigo girls???

Livy said...

Ha, memories my dear friend! I am 31, and I am familiar with many of those songs. I loved 100% pure love, reminds me of my nightclubbing days! I love Janet Jackson, so any of her music makes me dance (especially Best things in life are free from that era). I also used to go crazy for Bobby Brown's "humpin around", and Snap... "Everybody dance now"(not sure if that is the song title. Hmm... what else. Things that make you go HMMMM By C&C music factory, and Funky Cold medina. And... last of all "Baby Got Back"!! I might just have to pay a visit to You Tube...
Thanks for the memories~!