Monday, July 23, 2007

There's no "hocus pocus" when it comes to weight loss

This weekend may not have done much for my thighs but it did a number on my creative mind! Well actually not my creative mind but the creative mind of Ms. J.K. Rowling. I confess... I'm an addict. I love it. I live for it. I read it. I read them all..twice! I've seen all the movies... I've eaten the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans... I even visited the website (more than once). It's true...


This weekend was a true profession of my love. I dedicated my entire weekend to Mr. Potter. Friday Marco and I went and saw the latest Harry Potter movie in the theatre and then Saturday morning bright and early I made my way to the English Bookstore to pick up my pre-ordered copy. I began reading in the line to pay and didn't stop until Sunday night when I finally knew the destinies of the people that I'd grown to love over the past years.

I won't give away any of the story here as I'd hate to spoil it for anybody who hasn't finished it yet but I will say that J.K. Rowling is BRILLIANT and I loved every single thing about the book...about the entire series really. Her ability to make you care for, love, hope for, wish for, hurt for, feel for the characters is astounding. Her ability to allow you to really get to know them like they could knock on your door any minute and ask to borrow a cup of sugar is such an amazing gift. I could gush on and on and on about what a wonderful writer she is but this is supposed to be a weight loss blog so I'll try to tie the two together somehow.

I did have to put the book down Saturday when I had to sleep so I made a deal with myself then and there. I wasn't allowed to read any further in the book until my booty had visited the gym. Yeah, I could have easily woke up Sunday morning and said 'screw it' and stayed home but I really stuck to the terms and conditions I had laid out for myself. That's a pretty big accomplishment for me!

I went to the gym and had a really great workout. I was still a little sore from my Friday workout but I pushed myself and made it through all of my weights. I even wanted to stop my cardio after 10 minutes but found inspiration by thinking about the season of The Biggest Loser that's airing here and pushed myself to finish the whole set. Every time I wanted to stop I would think of Jillian (I think that's her name) yelling at her team the first few workouts really pushing them. I'd love to have been able to think of Bob but he's just too nice. I think if I'd ever be on the show I'd need a Jillian to kick me around for a while.

Up on that machine I would think of how determined those couples were once they got home and had to lose the weight on their own without their drill sergeant screaming in their faces. They had to find their strength within and so did I. I even pretended like I had a big prize (other than my health... I mean a REALLY big prize... like thousands of dollars or a dream wedding) depending on my weight loss for this week.

It's strange where I've been finding inspiration these days. Finding inspiration in The Biggest Loser isn't to strange but finding it in the Pussy Cat Dolls song "Stick Wit U" is not so normal, but I managed to do it.

I know it's a love song but just "stick wit me" for just a second and see if you get what I'm trying to sell ya here.

So I'm up on the elliptical machine thinking about those people on the Biggest Loser finding their strength within. Then I started thinking about why I was doing this whole thing. What is my strength? Why am I trying to lose weight? What am I getting out of this? Who is this for?

Then like magic the song was playing and I was listening to the words and it really told the story of why I am doing this. Because:

Nobody gonna love me better,
I must stick wit u forever
Nobody gonna take me higher,
I must stick wit u
You know how to appreciate me,
I must stick wit u, my baby
Nobody ever made me feel this way,
I must stick wit u

Now quit laughing and listen to me. The song is true. Yeah so I'm singing a love song by a group who call themselves the Pussy Cat Dolls. I'm singing a love song to myself in less than perfect grammar and yes the words are spelled phonetically. But they're very true for me and my weight loss and they got me through that workout because:

"Nobody is going to love me better" than I love myself.

"I must stick with you (me) forever" as it's the only body I'll ever have.

"Nobody is going to take me higher" because my weight loss is in my own hands, if I don't do it for myself, nobody will do it for me, nobody can do it for me.

"I must stick with you" because it is up to me.

"You know how to appreciate me" and finally I do appreciate myself, my body.

"I must stick with you" I must stay focused and determined.

"Nobody ever made me feel this way" because nobody has that power, it has to come from within.

I must stick with you.

So there you go. That's how I turned a love song into a weight loss inspiration. See... and all this time you just thought the Pussy Cat Dolls were a bunch of hot women in tight-barely-there clothing that could shake their asses. Now you know, they can also inspire!


*ccc* said...

That's it. I am flying over to Europe and taking my brain back. First of all, I am ADDICTED, ADDICTED, ADDICTED to The Biggest Loser re-runs. I even blogged about said addiction a few months ago.

Every time I feel lazy about working out or not wanting to go to the gym, my mind flashes to some of the episodes I've watched--where men and women even bigger than I am have found the strength in themselves to keep working, keep pushing, keep sweating.

I think to myself--if THEY can do it, I can do it.

Now, as to the Pussycat Dolls...I admire your finding inspiration in the song. I've never thought of it that way, though I do own the CD (I'm ashamed to admit that)...but I've also found inspiration in the Pussycat Dolls.

One day their video came on (For "Buttons" I believe) and I was just mesmerized looking at them. Those chicks were HOT.

And it hit don't get to look THAT hot without busting your butt in the gym and making some sacrifices in the kitchen. It just doesn't happen.

I remember--I watched the video and ran out the door--to the gym.

The PCD as inspiration...who knew?

J.K. Rowling said...


mamacita chilena said...

ok, I'll confess as well...I too enjoy that Pussycat Dolls song, even though it makes me teeth grate just thinking about the grammar.

And now, thanks to you, I will never think of that song in the same way again :)

Anonymous said...

I have watched all the Biggest Loser shows, I love the Aussie ones too. It was that show that got me moving!

Season 4 starts in August I can't wait!