Sunday, July 29, 2007

Had a great workout today.

It seems like it's been forever since I've worked out with my husband. When we first started working out we used all of the same equipment and did the same exercises but after a while we went our separate ways since we have different goals. Now other than riding to the gym together we don't really see much of one another once we arrive.

Well today we decided to be two wild and crazy kids and workout together. Not just together in the same gym but together, together. I'll tell you it was awesome!

I had forgotten how great it was to have him there beside me to push me. I forgot how much fun it was to encourage Marco as he grunts through his last few reps in his last set. I didn't forget how sexy he was when he worked out but it was nice to actually see those muscles "in action". Woohoo!

We did a combination of both of our routines making sure we lifted for each muscle group. It was really fun for me to try some new, never done before exercises that worked my muscles in new ways. It was great to lay on the bench side by side and count out our reps together as we did our chest press exercises. It was great to see the competitiveness in each of us as we pushed one another just a little bit harder and to lift just a little bit heavier. It was just nice to actually feel like we were working out together, a team.

It made me realize how lucky I am to have a partner like Marco. Not just in the gym but in everyday life. Today was really just a reflection of our entire relationship... pushing one another to new boundaries, encouraging one another to be better, to be stronger and working together as one solid unit. Today was a reminder of just how lucky I really am to have found such a wonderful man.

Thank you sweetie! I love your guts more than you'll ever know.


mamacita chilena said...

awww, what a sweet post!

consider yourself VERY lucky that you have a husband that will work out with you...

I would have to drag husband kicking and screaming to get him in a gym :(

Lynn said...

So much more motivating to get off your butt and exercise when you have someone who loves you, working with you to attain your goals, together.

*ccc* said...

I am so jealous, so so jealous! I love that you and Marco work out together, and I love that you encourage each other. That is so fabulous!

I have to admit, I am married to a Mr. Fitness. He took freaking training classes as his college electives. He knows so much about working out, it's insane.

But I CANNOT work out with him because I will THROTTLE him. The gym is about the one place we cannot get in synch--probably because we're in two different places physically and we each have a hard time adjusting to where the other is.

So I love love love that you guys exercise together. I'm going to live vicariously :)

hottiewithin said...

How wonderful to be so in love! What a great way to have continual support toward your goals.

Christine said...

Very good to hear you guys work out together. My hubby and I have gotten back to doing that too! Do you plan to continue to work out together? Good for you - and yes, I am very thankful for my husband too! :)