Wednesday, July 18, 2007

*knock knock* anybody home?

Ok so I’m back. I think. I’m doing much much better now (emotionally) and thanks so much for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. I didn’t post my weigh-in yesterday because…well I forgot really. I did weigh in though and I was up 0.4 of a pound from last week which wouldn’t be bad if last week wasn’t already a gain of a pound. In all I’m not fretting too much over this last weigh-in or two. Weight loss has not been my focus in what seems like forever and I have actually maintained better than I thought I would. I did wind up going to the gym twice last week (even though I was shooting for 3 times) but one workout I really pushed my cardio hard and did 1.5 hours in one go so that counts for something right? It’s been a tremendous help that Marco is back on the workout wagon which motivates me to go too. Even if he goes during the day while I’m at work and I have to go by myself it still pushes me to get there just because I know he went.

I posted a while back that I was going to try tracking my calorie intake on to try to get my weigh back in a downward motion. Well that idea when quickly by the wayside when my life got crazy. I did do it for a couple days and it was really quite helpful after I got the hang of it (which was very difficult! I felt like a total moron and had to ask several questions on another message board to finally figure it all out). I have changed up my breakfast now since I was getting way more calories that I had imagined in my little yogurt, banana, granola, raisin and nut combo that I had been eating. I’m now having fresh fruit smoothies and am loving every bit of it. I like peach & apricot with vanilla yogurt (no fat) combo that I had last week and this morning I had a strawberry/banana/pineapple with fat free vanilla yogurt one that knocked my socks off! I measure out the fruit and yogurt in measuring cups so I know exactly what I’m getting. Lunches are now (usually) a salad consisting of tomato, red bell pepper and cucumber slices with some feta cheese and a little but of olive pesto. I highly recommend trying this out. It’s very tasty. My dinners are varying but lots of times we have garden salads with tuna thrown in or lean meats, starch and veggies (your typical meals I guess).

So that’s pretty much my update for this week. I’m planning on getting back into my whole blogging routine. If you’re still checking back every day thanks for sticking with me!


clare said...

so glad you're feeling better. i've been missing you!

Erin said...

Same here, I've been checking in once in a while to see how you are doing:)

I LOVE Sparkpeople. It took awhile to figure it out but it really helped with dropping the weight. I never realize just how much I was actually eating at meals until I started tracking them. WOW. The support and advice on the boards is great too. Made me much more aware of my options when it came to food and preparing it.

Good luck with getting back on track:)

*ccc* said...

Oh, Sarah...seeing you post and feeling better is the highlight of my day today!!

Good for you for starting to get back on the wagon and making good decisions.

Keep on keeping're still in lot of people's thoughts :)

Livy said...

I check in daily to see if you have posted. Great to see you back, and back on track. Your salad sounds yum. I made one yesterday with pear and sushi vinegar, it was divine too!

AGirlWorthLosing said...

So glad to hear from you. We are with you all the way! Hugs!