Saturday, November 17, 2007

Firstly, thank you all for the super sweet comments you all left on my "announcement" post. I really appreciate each and every one of them (with the exception of the smartass comment left by my incredibly un-funny friends Keith and Josh... jerkfaces).

Well I really just don't know what to say. I'm not sure if it's quite sunk in all the way yet. Friday I went to work and carried on like normal. I mean, I guess it is just normal, but it just seems like I should be un-normal or something.

Other than the line on the "magical wonder that is urine on a stick" (they don't sell THOSE at the state fair!), another pregnancy test that said I was pregnant and some sore boobs I really don't have any "proof" that I'm gonna be a mom. Our little pumpkin (which is the sickening sweet way I choose to refer to the baby since it was conceived on Halloween) is only the size of a sesame seed right now so it's all a bit abstract. It's just so surreal.

I will admit that I have been alarmingly tired at inopportune times... like at 10 in the morning when I should be running around in the house getting things done and then again at 2 in the afternoon when I should have been shopping and playing with the dog. I've taken the advise given and rested when my body is telling me to rest but I just feel like I'm cheating or something. It's not like I have this gigantor belly that I'm hauling around which is wearing me out (although I did that for the last 30 years and never needed a nap. haha) so why the sudden need for nappy time in the afternoon? Well, I looked it up. Apparently the size of pumpkin has nothing to do with why I'm feeling so run down. It's because my body is creating a hormone "progesterone" that makes you feel tired. I don't know if this is the same hormone that, somewhere down the line, will also make me weep at the knowledge that the make-up counter is no longer carrying my shade of lipstick but for now it is doing it's duty as a nap inducing super hormone.

I'm a bit torn as to what to do with my blog at this point. I've toyed with the thought of starting a new blog that will be all about my pregnancy because, really, who wants to find a "weight loss" blog and then only read about some hormonal woman who sleeps a lot? After the birth of baby .02 (which is another cutsie name I thought up... we also call it "baby double A" since our last name starts with AA but then that's a bit alcolic-ish isn't it? Or Energizer-ish? WARNING: Be ready for a plethora of cute names even if you don't think they're cute.) I will be back on the weight loss wagon and could continue this blog. But then again I want to maintain my healthy lifestyle that I've been striving for over the past year and a half throughout my pregnancy, so that is health related if not weight loss related, no?

If you have any opinions or preferences please feel free to let me know (with the exception of aforementioned smartass friends Keith and Josh... your opinions are not needed although I am just certain they'll be shared cleverly under the title of "anonymous").


Erin said...

When you feel the need, rest:) When I was pg with our son, the couch and I were best friends for weeks. Doing better this time around, but exhaustion hits you at the weirdest times! No one can fault a pregnant lady for taking a nap:)

Personally, I was in the middle of losing weight when I got pregnant. While I'm no longer on my "diet" (hate that word!), I have been keeping up with workouts (with the okay from my dr) and I'm still watching what I eat. Gotta say, it's rarely healthy, but it's still something I try and work on. With my son I packed on pounds like crazy because I figured "hey, I'm pregnant". Bad idea! Doing much better this time and I can feel it.

As for your blog, while you won't be losing weight right now, you'll be working to gain a healthy amount for you and your baby without going overboard. People will still be interested/encouraged in how your doing with it if you want to continue to update. I started reading your blog when I was working on weight loss and continued even after I got pregnant. You just have an entertaining way of talking about things:)

Amy said...

I just read your news...SO, SO happy for you guys! I can see your beaming smile all the way in California!

After I saw the positive pee-stick, I expected to feel different. As the weeks went by, I kept wondering when I was going to feel pregnant! There was something growing in can I not feel *something*? For me, it really wasn't until I felt those first flutters that it hit me.

My .02 about your blog:
With trying to lose weight, you have to deal with all of life's situations...and that includes pregnancies! I say to stay on this blog, and continue to write about your pregnancy, and how it affects your life, your body.

Teale said...

As far as your blog goes, of course you won't be living a healthy lifestyle w/the goal of losing weight right now, but you'll continue living a healthy lifestyle w/the goal of having a healthy baby! I know that I'd still love to read about it!

Anonymous said...

In your blog you say that the child was conceived on Halloween. So how can you be 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant?

Anonymous said...

Because you don't calculate from ovulation you calculate from your last period which is generally 2 week prior to ovulating.

Tina623 said...

yay! Congrats!!! If i get my bfp tomorrow, our pg's will be 3 days apart. How are you feeling?

Lora said...


Don't stop your blog....if you've's not all about losing the weight - it's about being good to our bodies - eating healthy and treating them right. Something you'll definately need to do for the next 9 months. And aferwards too!

Gering Spugen said...

I cannot wait to see the names you may be considering......any ideas???

Katie said...

Definitely keep your blog going!

Make sure you rest all you need - I'm about 9 weeks pregnant and understand the exhaustion. I've napped more in the last couple months than I have in a long time and it's been wonderful.

Like Erin said, I was in the middle of loosing weight when I got pregnant. I've definitely had to adjust my eating habits (in part b/c I'm constantly hungry & nauseaus) but you can still stay healthy.

I had a really hard time working out the first 6 or 7 weeks I was pregnant b/c of the nausea and exhaustion. But even just walking was great. I guess what I'm saying, is do what you can, but don't beat yourself up if you can't do what you're used to or expect!

Lissa said...

Hey its Lissa, I think you should keep your blog going and keep everyone updated on how you do your workouts now. It will give other women who have the same situation knowledge that beging preg. doesnt mean you sit on the couch and ring a bell all day. Like i told you, im 7 months and I still go 5 days a week to the gym. Youve already been an inspiration, show everyone that you can still lose the fat, but gain the baby while you are preg and it doesnt hurt anyone, including baby. My Dr. told me that i could gain 15 pounds and it would still be considered ok, b/c i will actually gain more, but i lose it by eating right and exercising. Plus, it will come right off after baby is born. They even gave me some nutritional guidelines that kept you at around 12-1500 cal. a day and was plenty for a preg. woman! Good luck and stay focused! Congrats again, but I already told you all that in my email...Love you!!!