Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pardon my lack of blogging this week

It's been nutso around here this week in ways I can't even begin to explain here. I've had a crap food week too so NOT looking forward to Tuesday's weigh in, although I can run some "damage control" this weekend for sure. Ugh, and after such a great weigh in last week! Poo.

My friend Alexandra made homemade cookies and brought them in to work on Wednesday. Coconut macaroons, chocolate chocolate chip cookies and orange cookies OH MY! I didn't resist either. I was like a cookie monster. Yum Yum Yum gobble gobble gobble. I had a total of 6 cookies throughout the day which isn't going to kill me but it sure doesn't help the cause either.

I have a new colleague who seems to have it out for my waistline. He seems to be working as a food trigger for me. He is a bottomless pit and is always hungry. He is also not over weight, of course, bastard! (just kidding, he's really nice). He is constantly announcing his hunger to all of us in the office (it's small and open area so you hear everything). So every time he opens his mouth to say "I'm starving!" or "is it lunch time yet" my stomach starts thinking "yeah, I'm starving too" or "FEED ME" when usually I have no problem whatsoever waiting until lunch to eat. Afternoons with Mr. Metabolism are just wicked. One hour after lunch the hunger announcements begin. This is becoming a real problem for me, talking about food all day long. I don't really know how to handle this situation. It's not like I can sit him down and say "hey colleague, due to a lifetime of horrible eating habits I am unable to function like a normal human being. When you talk about food all the time I want to binge eat. I would like you to shut your pie hole so I can also shut mine!" I wonder how HR would view that conversation? Any suggestions guys?

I'm off to exercise this weeks cookie and chocolate intake off. Hope you all have a healthy weekend!


Angela said...

I have a colleague like this too...also nice.....but challenging to deal with.Last week, there were apple pies, chocolate fountains, pizza and donuts and all the rest. It was awful. I try to keep it away from me...but I don't know what to say to make it stop completely.

Leslie said...

Hilarious! But that sucks... can you wear headphones? Or maybe have a bowl of carrots and celery at your desk or something? If need be you can always throw them at him!! Or maybe you can put them at HIS desk!!! Or perhaps suggest he have a snack drawer... once you know him better, maybe you'll be able to tell him to 'shut it' - in a jokey way of course :)